How To Make Sexy Cupcakes and Sexy Cookies for Valentine’s Day

Sexy cupcakes and sexy cookies add an original touch to your buffet table

Sexy Valentine’s Day treats include sexy cupcakes and sexy cookies. They are a great way to add some color and fun to your party for adults. Obviously you will not make such cupcakes and cookies for kids parties.

Sexy cupcakes and sexy cookiesYour party attendees will be impressed by your baking and decorating skills when they will take a look at your buffet table. Imagine plates covered with boob and bum cupcakes nicely decorated with corsets and G-strings. Or your cute heart shaped corset and string cookies.

To make these  sexy cupcakes and sexy cookies you will need to bake heart-shaped treats. The cupcakes will also require half-cut cake pops. For the decorating part you will use sugar/gum paste, fondant and/or royal icing. Some Valentine’s Day themed sprinkles will help you put the finishing touches to your adorable sexy cupcakes and sexy cookies.

Make sexy Valetine’s Day cupcakes

Here is a tutorial that you will love. In this video, you are going to learn how to create sexy cupcakes for Valentine’s Day or bachelorette parties. These are all made after the very same pattern: heart-shaped cupcake and heart-shaped sugar paste. It may sound and look hard to make… But you will quickly see that you are going to be able to produce such fantastic  sexy cupcakes for Valentine’s Day. Even if you are not a professional.

Bum and boob cupcakes shopping and baking list

Presented by Louise Brooker from Cake Craft World, this video will walk you through the process of turning your tasty cupcakes into terrific sexy treats this Valentine.


How to make corset cookies

how to make sexy cookie corsets for valentine's dayThe video won’t walk you through the preparation and the baking of these sexy cookies. But you will prepare them in the way you prepare all your other ones. The difference is that they must be cut in the form of hearts.

As you will see in the video, the bodies are conceived from heart-shaped cookies. The upside of the cookies is used as the breast so as to create the corset design.

Shopping list for corset cookies

  • Cookie mix,
  • Fondant,
  • Icing cream,
  • Food coloring,
  • Cookie cutters,
  • Piping bags or cake decorating tools you’re the more comfortable with,
  • Thin piping tips for the bags,
  • For a more life-like look, make sure to have a airbrush machine on hand.

Your guide for such an adorable craft is Montreal Confections.

How to make lingerie cookies

how to make sexy g-string cookiesLingerie cookies are also a great way to spruce up your Valentine buffet table. Turned upside down, these hearts can easily feature bums.

Sexy cookies are easy to create if you have all the needed ingredients and materials to decorate them. And as you will see, no fondant or gum paste is needed to create these cute sexy cookies for Valentine’s day. Did I mention that they also work pretty well for bachelorette parties?

What to have on hand to create these lingerie cookies

  • Cookie mix,
  • Heart-shaped cutters for cookies,
  • Royal icing,
  • Different edible colors to mix with the frosting,
  • Piping bags and tips.

So let’s ReneeGTV walk you through this cute craft.

Decorate cookies like a pro

As you can see on the videos, making sexy cupcakes and sexy cookies for Valentine’s Day isn’t that hard. However you might be unsure of your cookie decorating skills. In such a case, you don’t have to worry. There are fantastic cookie decorating classes that you can take. Online cookie decorating classes are also available if you don’t have time to attend physical ones. This will enable you to create amazingly beautiful treats for the sweet tooth in your life. offers a designer cookie class as well as mini-cake decorating classes that will turn you into a pro. These classes will enable you to impress all your gift recipients. Cookie bouquets and baskets are extremely popular any time of the year.

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