Cutest Valentine’s Day Cake Pops – A Recipe and Decorating Ideas

Homemade Valentine’s Day cake pops are an excellent type of gifts to get your loved ones on this so special day of the year. They’re perfect presents for the sweet tooth on your gift list. They also cute little presents for the kids to bring along with them to school and give their little pals.

Valentine’s Day cake pops make sweet gifts

The beauty of Valentine’s Day cake pops is that you can wrap them individually and fix the wrapping with a big red or pink bow. They can also be nicely arranged in a gift box or given in the form of a bouquet.

Cutest Valentine's Day Cake Pops

You can buy these themed cake pops pre-made from the store or make them yourself at home. Here are some great cake pops for your Valentine that you can get from online stores along with instructions on how to make Valentine’s Day cake pops at home. In addition, you will find different ideas for you to decorate your homemade sweet treats.

Cake pops recipe for Valentines

Ingredients and tools

Optional: because you make Valentine’s Day cake pops, you can prepare them using red velvet cake mix.


  1. Follow the instructions on the cake mix box,
  2. Spray some oil in the mold,
  3. Fill the mold with the cake mixture (or the cake pop maker),
  4. Close and secure the cake mold,
  5. Place in the oven and bake for 15/20 minutes (check instructions on the cake mix).
  6. In the meantime, microwave the candy melts. You can also melt them in a pan if you prefer.
  7. Once the little balls are baked, take them out of the mold and allow to cool down a bit so that you can manipulate them,
  8. Insert a lollipop stick in the bottom of each cake ball.

Decorating your cake pops

  1. Pour the cake pops in candy melts,
  2. Tap gently so as to take off the candy excess,
  3. Decorate in the way you want. However, if you plan on pouring them in sprinkles, make sure the candy is still wet.

Different decorating ideas

If you don’t get inspiration, you can duplicate your embellishments from the Valentine cake pop images spread on this page. Yet, here are some Valentine cake pop decorating ideas that should help you get going.

valentine cake pop images - Cake pop decorating ideas for valentine's day


  1. Pour the treats into red, pink and white sprinkles,
  2. Using candy melt as a glue means, stick hearts on them,
  3. Using piping bags and tips, create some decorative elements such as petals, hearts, words, etc.
  4. Stick edible silver pearls,
  5. A brush will enable you to paint them with glitter so as to give them a shiny look,
  6. Square cake pops can quickly become love message envelopes as you draw on them using a piping bag and tiny tip,
  7. Edible ink pens and other piping gel in tubes will enable you to write on your treats,
  8. Stick lace fondant to turn them into old-fashioned precious edible gifts – you can do so using candy making molds,
  9. And the list of different ways to turn them into pieces of art goes on.

The molds can be heart-shaped as you are preparing Valentine’s Day cake pops. But standard cake pops will work wonders once poured in red or pink candy melt and adorned with silver pearls, pale pink and white hearts, … You can also write love messages on the treats using edible ink pens.

Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

Make rose shaped cake pops with modeling chocolate

For the heroes in the kitchen and the professional bakers and decorators, more intricate designs can be done. How about turning cake pops into amazingly beautiful red, pink or even white roses? So, to make this piece of art, you need ready to decorate red or pink (or white) modeling chocolate and cake pops. Optional: green modeling chocolate and a star-shaped cookie cutter for the leaves. Green lollipop sticks can greatly feature the stem.

happy valentine's day

Cake Pop Bouquet

Buttercream rose cake pops

Flowers are another Valentine’s Day symbol and roses are certainly the most popular flowers given on this day. For this reason you may want to create some of such rose shaped cake pops to give your loved ones. The creation of these roses is done using colored buttercream, a piping bag and a petal shaped tip. As you can see on the tutorial, the petals are piped all around the cake pop. And it looks 100% easier to do than it sounds.

happy valentine's day

Glitter Swirl Cake Pops

Teddy Bear cake pops for your Valentine

Teddy Bear is also a symbol of the holiday. How many times have you seen those cuddly toys along with chocolate gifts… So why don’t you give a try to this amazingly beautiful Valentine’s Day treat. Teddy Bear cake pops rock and are going to agreeably surprise your present recipients! To realize this lovely type of sweets, you will need cake pop dough ready to go, different sorts of candy (hearts, smarties, etc.), candy melt, heart sprinkles.

So now that you have some ideas to make the cutest Valentine’s Day cake pops ever, go bake and decorate a bunch of them. Wrap these lovely treats and give your loved ones bunches of them arranged in bouquets, just like you’d do with flowers.


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