Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards from the Heart

Send heart themed Valentine’s Day greetings

I don’t know about you but I love getting greeting cards! With the most romantic day of the year approaching, you and me are going to search for the perfect Valentine’s Day greeting cards to send our loved ones, friends and other people we care for. The writing and the sending of greetings is a tradition everyone of us enjoy. And making romantic or heart themed greeting cards at home is also one of the most popular crafts in this period, for both kids and grownups.

Valentine’s Day cards can be anything from romantic to formal proposal, from friendly to humorous, from small to big, from a simple drawing to intricate designs.

The holiday is also the occasion to give presents to those who are important to us. And you are important to me. For this reason, I designed a Valentine’s Day greeting card. You can send it to your loved ones through the Internet or through the postal services, print it and create a homemade card that you can customize in any way you want or even cut out some shapes and use them to enhance your homemade crafts.

Free Valentine’s Day greeting cards

The files were made in two different modes – CMJN and RVB. CMJN are supposed to be high quality printed and the RVB is supposed to be used on your computer. But I often print RVB mode images and they generally greatly come out. Beware the files are quite heavy.

To download these Valentine’s Day greeting cards, just click on the links below (open in new window).

Free valentine's day greeting card

Valentine’s Day greeting card – RVB mode


free valentine's day card cmjn mode

Valentine’s Day greeting card – CMJN mode

Enjoy and Happy Valentine!

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