Make a Happy Valentine Day Bear With the Kids

Fun craft idea for kids: make a cute Happy Valentine Day bear

make a happy valentine day bear with the kidsWelcome to this tutorial to make a decorative Happy Valentine Day bear with the kids. This is a tabletop décor that can be made by adults and kids alike. Although this upcycled heart Teddy Bear can serve as a toy for kids, it is dedicated to crafters and people who love teddies.

The Teddy Bear is one of the most common Valentine stuffed animals that are given during the holiday. This adorable plush toy an goes with the bouquet of flowers and chocolates. A Teddy Bear is a soft toy animal that is in the form of a bear. It is accounted that the name Teddy originated from the former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. Most kids love stuffed plush Teddy Bears, but over time, different forms of “teddies” are already made. This can be made from ceramic, plastic or even marble. Teddy bears are not only bed fixtures but they’re also collected by people who can display their collections on top of their tables or cabinets.

So let’s begin making this upcycled Happy Valentine Day bear now.

Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear craft supplies

make upcycled heart teddy bear 2

Wrap and glue the toilet paper roll with a part of the brown construction paper sheet. Allow to dry and put aside.

make enchanting miniature teddy bears 4

Draw the up-part of the body of a plush bear on the remaining piece of brown construction board. This should include the head, the torso, and the big circular ears. Cut the brown bear figure.

make your own teddy bears for Valentine day 5

Cut a medium-sized oblong from the beige construction board. Glue the oblong on a landscape orientation at the lower middle part of the bear’s face. It’s meant to be your Happy Valentine Day bear’s snout.

happy valentine day bear 6

Cut a small heart shape and glue it on the topmost area of your bear’s snout. This little heart is your bear’s nose.

valentines day teddy bear

Take the beige sheet of construction paper and cut out 2 small circles. Glue them on the top of your upcycled bear’s snout. These circles will be your Happy Valentine Day bear’s eyes.

valentines day teddy bear

You can now add a few details to the face of your homemade paper bear. You will do this using the black marker: draw a mouth, two eyeballs and some more details. Add as many details as you want so as to make this cutie unique.

teddy bear valentines day arts and crafts

Take the red sheet of construction paper and cut out 2 medium-sized hearts. Glue the hearts on the center of your paper roll craft animal’s ears.

happy valentine day teddy bears

Cut a medium-sized red bow and glue a small beige oblong in the middle of it. Hot glue the red bow on the neck of the bear, just below the bear’s head.

happy valentines day bear

Now get this toilet paper roll you wrapped in brown construction paper. It is dry for sure. Hot glue the bear on the toilet paper roll. Make sure that the toilet paper roll is placed on the middle body of your adorable Happy Valentine Day bear.

make valentine heart bear

Get the red sheet of construction paper once again and cut out a big red heart. It will become the support of your Valentine’s Day message.

heart bear art kraft paper rolls

Hot glue the heart in the front face of the toilet paper roll. This is opposite to the body of the bear.

heart bear toilet paper roll craft animals

You should still have some brown construction paper left: cut out a pair of arms with hands. Your Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear made out of upcycled paper roll will need a pair of arms.

how to make a Valentine bear

Glue these arms on the sides of your paper heart Teddy Bear’s body hugging the toilet paper roll together with the red heart in front (as seen in the picture above).

how to make a Valentine heart teddy bear

You’re almost done. Write your lovely message to your loved one on the big red heart. You can write this message before gluing the heart to the paper roll, though.

how to make a happy heart valentine's day teddy bear

It’s done. This cute homemade Happy Valentine Day bear is now ready for gift wrapping!

This cute tabletop Valentine bear is a perfect gift to your loved ones especially if you are running out of budget and would love to give some presents not only to your special someone but also to your kids or even siblings. The receiver of this cute heart Teddy Bear would definitely love this since you craft this on your own. This can be displayed on the office table or even as décor in your own living room. Hope you liked it!

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