Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Make Valentine greeting cards at home

Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are a fun way to send wishes to our loved ones. On February 14th, everyone is going to exchange cards decorated with hearts, doves, flowers, cupids, or other love and romance symbol. Homemade Valentine’s Day cards can be given to almost anyone: friends, colleagues, partner, parents, children,…

how to make adorable valentine's day cards

A most joyful activity for children during winter afternoons is making homemade Valentine cards. In this page, you are going to find some ideas for such crafts. Children can just adapt their drawings, symbols and writing to fit the celebration. The process of making these holiday crafts will also work wonderse for any special occasion, from birthdays to Christmas.

Homemade construction paper Valentine’s Day cards for toddlers

For our first homemade Valentine’s Day cards, we’re going to choose a very easy example: the one of a Valentines card made out of construction paper.

For such a craft; which can be made by a toddler, you just have to get a sheet of construction paper, fold the sheet in half and decorate the one outside half with Valentine’s Day stickers. Because toddlers can’t write, you’re going to lend a hand to your child and write their greetings on the inside of the card.

Saint Valentine construction paper cards can be made with white, pink, lavender, or red construction paper and, on condition that the support is dark enough, you can write the greetings with a silver or gold marker.

Video tutorial for homemade Valentine’s Day cards

Here is a tutorial for more advanced kids to make greeting cards at home. For this craft you will need pale pink, hot pink or red tissue paper, a template that is heart shaped, a pair of scissors, a pot of craft glue, a pink or red ribbon, sequins and glitter for the finishing touches.

I like the idea of gradient colors for this craft – this idea is not included in the video. You could start with hot pink layers, then pale pink paper and end with white. Or you can even create a rainbow heart using different tissue paper colors.

Make sure to have enough time to make this craft as you will have to glue a large number of heart shaped tissue paper layers. As you will see this heart beating greeting card is a fantastic project.

Potato stamp Valentine’s Day cards for kids

Our next idea for stunning homemade Valentine’s Day cards requires potatoes. Yes, kids are going to make potato stamp cards. Here is what you need to make this Saint Valentine craft:

Before going further in how to make heart potato stamp Valentines cards, I suggest that you cut the potatoes in two before starting this craft project. So, here are the directions to make potato stamp greeting cards:

  1. Note the measures of the envelope so that you ensure the card fits in the envelope.
  2. Cut out the card from the white construction paper.
  3. Ask Mom or Dad to cut the potato in half.
  4. Trace a heart shape with a marker on the white side of the potato.
  5. Cut away potato around the heart.
  6. You can use more potatoes to cut out different sizes of hearts – or even additional shapes.
  7. Put paint in the paper plate.
  8. Dip the potato into the paint and make sure that there isn’t too much paint on the potato.
  9. Place the “painted” potato on the card, press and remove the potato.
  10. Repeat this operation until you get the design you wish.
  11. Punch two holes +/- 1 centimetre apart from each other on top of the card and insert one end of the ribbon through one hole and the other end of the ribbon through the other one.
  12. Tie the ribbon into a nice bow.

You can diversify the shapes and, you can prepare potato stamps with shapes such as cupid silhouettes, birds, arrows, flowers, etc. so that the kids can stamp more Saint Valentine cards. With small shapes, the kids can make a nice garland in the inside of the card and then write their Valentine’s Day greetings.

Because potato stamp cards allow creativity, you can get a nice Valentine’s Day related scrapbooking kit and have the kids stick more ornaments on the cards. Naturally, you can let the kids decorate the envelopes with potato stamps.

Stamp sets to make greeting cards

Melissa & Doug Favorite Phrases Stamp Set

The set is an excellent tool set to get when making homemade Valentine’s Day cards – or for any other holiday and occasion! The Melissa and Doug Favorite Phrases Stamp set includes 2 color-stamp pad and 5 colord pencils. Among the 8 familiar phrases which are included in the set we find “I love you” which is, in my opinion, the best way to start a Valentine message. The stamp set is made out of wood and non-toxic ink. For kids aged 4 years and up.

Melissa & Doug Friendship Stamp Set

Valentine’s Day does also celebrate friendship and this is the reason why your kids will definitely enjoy creating homemade cards with this kit. The stamps feature images like teddy bear, hearts and flowers (quite popular Saint Valentine symbols), butterfly, rainbow, etc. Come with 5 colored pencils. All elements are stored on a wooden box and contain non-toxic ink.

Melissa & Doug Favorite Phrases Stamp SetMelissa & Doug Friendship Stamp Set

Recycle your old holiday greeting cards

Another great idea for homemade Valentine’s Day cards is to recycle old ones. As said through its name, this craft requires the use of left over Valentine’s Day cards – so, before starting this project, make sure that you have some left from the previous holidays. Apart from the old cards, here are the tools you need to make this craft:

  • White, pink, lavender, purple or red construction paper sheets
  • Craft glue
  • Markers
  • Scissors


  1. Choose the figures you best like in the pile of old Valentines cards.
  2. Cut them out off the old cards and put aside until you have the number of figures you wish.
  3. Fold the construction paper sheet in half.
  4. Using craft glue, paste the old card figures you cut out on the front of your new card in order to create an entirely new and different design.
  5. Once the figures have dried, use the markers to draw additional signs on the new card.
  6. Create a nice garland in the inside of the card in which you’ll write your Valentine’s Day greetings – you can simply copy the text of an old card if you wish or aren’t good at writing.

As you can see, it is not hard to recycle old Valentines cards and create a brand new original and very personal greeting card.

Homemade Valentine’s Day card kits

Here are two ready-to-make sets for such holiday projects.

Straight from the Heart: A Make-Your-Own Valentine Card Kit

Because Valentine’s Day isn’t just reserved to love and romance celebrations, kids can create their own Valentines cards and send them to everyone they love: parents, teachers, school friends, etc. This creative Valentine’s Day cards kit includes stencil, 100 stickers, fancy paper, instructions and tips on how to decorate your own Valentine’s Day cards. The set allows you to create 45 Valentine’s Day cards!

Make Your Own Cards by Made By Hands

Bring the fun to those boring and chilling winter afternoons! Invite your kids to create their own greeting cards at home with this set. The kit includes 6 templates, 10 cards and 10 white envelopes. They’ll decorate the cards with the 250 pop-out cardboard themed shapes included in the kit. No need to cut anything as items pop out of their perforations, therefore, the kit is perfect for young children. Glue is included as well. This is another excellent set for kids of 3 and up.

Make Your Own Valentine CardsStraight from the Heart: A Make-Your-Own Valentine Card Kit (Pretty Simple Stuff)

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