5 Romantic Things To Do on Valentine’s Day

Ah 14th February is upcoming and you’re certainly looking for romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day with your significant other. You might have been married for years but you cannot dispute the fact that Valentine’s Day provides you with the best opportunity to spend some special moments with your loved one. While gifting a card is quite common, why not spend time and money gifting her something that she has yearned for throughout the year. Here are five useful tips that can help you.


Surprise her at daybreak

Romantic gifts are as simple as that

Gift Basket Village Breakfast in Bed Romantic Gift BasketWhen it comes to the many different romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day, the simplest are often the most touching. You wife serves you with breakfast throughout the year.

Why do you not change this trend?

Get up earlier than she does and prepare breakfast. What you prepare for breakfast does not matter as long as it is prepared and served with love.

Hug and kiss her before awaking her and amaze her with the delicacies you have prepared for breakfast. This is, in my opinion, the best way of showing your appreciation, caring, and love for her.

Gift something special to her

Invest in a jewelry gift

1/2 ct. Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k Yellow GoldDo you remember the solitaire diamond ring she has been eyeing for a long time but could not purchase due to lack of funds? If you have the financial means, purchase that ring and present it to her. If not, then present her with some other jewelry.

Giving jewelry gifts are among the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s day, mostly because women love jewelry. Then because by giving such a present, you show how much you care about her.

You can rest assured that she will remember you forever for this precious gift. It is not the cost of the gift, but the love encrusted in it that counts. You should plan and purchase the ring or jewelry a couple of weeks ahead of the special day, because it might not be available at the last moment.

If you are looking for great deals to get your hands on jewelry, then I recommend to head to Stauer. Sauter offers incredible deals on selected items, which enable you to give a luxury present for a surprisingly low price.

Note that a good alternative to the costly gift of jewelry is to build a custom watch that you can personalize so as to match her personality and her tastes. This is also a touching present for a romantic occasion.

Present a digital frame to her

Give her a way to enjoy her fondest memories every day

Waterford Crystal Digital Photo Frame, 8-Inch

Digital frames are the rage nowadays and can store many pictures and sound tracks. These devices are also among the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s day especially if you prepare the device properly.

Load the memory of the frame with photographs of the day you first met her, the day you proposed to her, images of your engagement & marriage day, and images of your honeymoon trip.

If you have physical photographs of those days, get them scanned and load the digital images on the digital frame, add some blissful music tracks, and set it on the bedside table. Turn it on once breakfast is complete and let her take a stroll down memory lane. Do not worry if you see drops of tears in her eye. They are a reflection of her gratitude for you.

The grand opera

Have a classy night out

LaScala Optics 3×25 Iolanta Opera Glasses Platinum/Silver

Book two of the best tickets at the best opera hall in town.

Do not disclose this to her beforehand. Just tell her that you plan to take her somewhere during the evening. Inform her of the event an hour or so before the show.

This is also an ideal moment to present her with a gorgeous gown. These small gestures go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

And is there anything as romantic as a night at the opera, just the two of you?

A lavish dinner

Arrange a romantic evening at the restaurant

End the day by taking her to her favorite restaurant and treat her to the best dinner. If the restaurant has a band, get in touch with the proprietor and tell him to request the band to play a special soulful track for both of you. If possible, arrange the violinist of the band play a special solo for her.

If you wish to go further, arrange the menu beforehand, choosing only meals that she loves and rarely prepares or eats for whatever reason. You can even order the same meal as the first one you ate when you were dating or the day you proposed her… This will, without the shadow of a doubt, touch her heart.

Of course there are many other things you can do to celebrate the love of your life. But the previous 5 I supplied above are the 5 most romantic things to do on Valentines Day these days.

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