5 Free Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Five great gifts for Dad that won’t cost you a dime

Father’s Day is coming and doesn’t need to be another financially stressful holiday. Appreciation is what most dads enjoy about Father’s Day. Traditional Father’s Day presents are great but there are more options than ties, tools or soap on a rope. And for kids and teens, the budget might also be a problem. That is why I have listed here my top 5 free father’s day gift ideas.

Show your love and appreciation by getting creative. Make that important present with your own two hands. It wouldn’t be Father’s Day without breakfast in bed but let’s look at some other options.

Cooking cakes and cupcakes makes excellent free Father’s Day gift ideas

The way to a man’s heart is truly through his stomach and the options edibleĀ free Father’s Day gift ideas are almost endless. For example, if your father likes sweet treats, bake and decorate his favorite cupcakes, cake, or cookies. Does he like chocolate? Bake some brownies or a pie.

If you can cook, make Dad’s favorite meal and invite him over to enjoy the home-made dinner and dessert. Meals can be as simple as fried eggs along with fries and salad or more intricate such as a paella de mariscos.

How to make sport themed cupcakes

Here is a video that will walk you through the process of making and decorating cupcakes that will please a golf amateur.

Collages make perfect free Father’s Day gift ideas

When looking for free Father’s Day gift ideas, collages come to mind. Collages are one of the easiest and most enjoyable activities for such a purpose.

In order to make a Father’s Day collage gift, you will need:

  • Scissors,
  • Glue or tape,
  • A large piece of paper or small poster board,
  • Old magazines or catalogs

Once you gathered all the materials needed, look through for pictures of things your Dad like or enjoys such as sports, cars or activities you enjoy together. Cut out, put a small amount of glue on the back of these pics or use tape and place on your paper or poster board then let dry overnight.

As you can see, materials used for this craft activity are all the kinds of things you already have at home. You can even glue all types of images all around your father’s face you drew on a sheet of construction paper. This would create an amazing piece of artwork.

5 free father's day gift ideas


Name poems are charming gift ideas for Father’s Day

Name poems make also fantastic free Father’s Day gift ideas. Their plus is that, besides the fact that they won’t cost you a dime, they are going to touch your Dad’s heart. You can’t personalize a gift more than a poem that comes right from the bottom of your heart.

For example you can make a poem out of the letters in your Dad’s first name. So if your father’s name is Al (hm… easy example), here is how to proceed:

  • A is for how much I Appreciate you
  • L is for all the Love I feel for you

Simple, easy and Dad will love it!

Obviously, the task is a little bit harder if your father’s name is quite long. However, if you start early and get some help from your mother or grandparents, you’re surely going to finish the poem right on time.

How to write a poem for Father’s Day

Coupon booklets are all time favorite gifts for parents

Hand-made coupon booklets make also fantasticĀ free Father’s Day gift ideas. They are, in reality, among my favorites as they can be adapted for all kinds of occasions. The gift making process is absolutely and positively easy even though it requires some creativity.

Here is how you can conceive your coupon booklet: create 5 up to 10 coupons with plain white paper, decorate and staple together. Write one gift on each such as:

  • Washing the driveway,
  • Walking the dog,
  • Good for 1 hug or 1 kiss,
  • Washing the car,
  • Mow the lawn,
  • Clean the garage,
  • Tidy up the cellar or the attic.

Your Dad can cash in the coupons as he wishes and coupons are good until next Father’s Day.

Watch how to create a coupon booklet

A thumbprint keepsake mug makes a wonderful memorabilia

This fifth free gift idea for your Dad is something he will keep for years to come. Make a thumbprint keepsake mug for Dad using paints and your fingerprints.

Materials you’ll need:

  • A clean, dry white coffee mug,
  • Enamel paints (black, red, blue or pink)
  • A thin pointed brush.

Directions to make a thumbprint keepsake mug:

  • Use the child’s thumb and color of enamel paint you prefer to add the “Daddy” thumbprint figure on the cup.
  • Choose the color of paint you best like to feature the child and use your finger to draw it on the cup.
  • Now, using a thin paint brush, draw on legs and arms, connect arms between both characters so that they are holding hands.
  • Remember to paint hair on your character’s heads.
  • Using a thin paintbrush, write the word “Daddy” and “Me” above the characters you designed. You can also write “the greatest Dad” or “My Hero” or another special word that means a lot for your, instead of Daddy if you wish.
  • Bake the mug in the oven (observe the instructions on the back of the enamel paint bottle). You can also air dry, but air drying requires many days for the paint to dry as opposed to a few hours in a low temp oven.

Tip: Acrylic paints will wash off but if the mug will only be used for decorative purposes you can use acrylic paints and coat with acrylic sealer. Wipe clean with a damp cloth when needed.

You can make different designs on mugs

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