Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

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Themed autumn table embellishments

You surely want your Thanksgiving dinner table the most beautiful ever and, in order to create the most wonderful Thanksgiving table decorating theme, you think it’ll require time and a lot of money.

However, creating a cute Thanksgiving table decorating theme that is unique and provides your table with that special touch, isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are a few Thanksgiving table decorating ideas to get you going.

Thanksgiving fall table theme

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If you want your Thanksgiving table decorating theme to be the right one, then you’re going to opt for fall colors. This is the most popular table theme for a “bountiful” table centerpiece decor.

Fall colors include reds, yellows and oranges; all inspired by Mother Nature during the Autumn season. Naturally, in addition to the dominant colors of your Fall theme, you’re going to add a few mini pumpkins, acorns, pine cones, colorful oak and maple leaves to put the finishing touches to your table.

Simple Thanksgiving table decorating ideas

Let’s start our short journey into Thanksgiving table decorating ideas with a few very simple Thanksgiving decorations. Those are basic ornaments but will work wonders on your Thanksgiving table.

A first harvest themed table decoration that will make your table look gorgeous is to get a bouquet of fresh fall themed flowers (red, orange and yellow flowers) from the store or get a bouquet of artificial fall themed silk flowers. Place the flowers in a lovely red, yellow, orange or transparent vase and, in a few minutes, you have a beautiful Thanskgiving table centerpiece.

A good alternative to the bouquet of flowers is finding (or making) a floral arrangement made out of a cornucopia and a bunch of fall themed flowers.

The next “bountiful” table decorating idea you might come up with is filling a large glass jar with fall themed decorating items such as mini pumpkins, acorns, indian corn, maple leaves or any other kind of miniature fall themed ornament. You can even go further and fill the jar with fresh fruits and flowers.

Another great of such table decorating idea would be getting a large red, yellow or orange scented candle and surround if with a nice Thanksgiving candle wreath. Light the candle when everyone’s sitting at the dinner table in order to add to the cheerful ambiance.

Thanksgiving table decorating ideas

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Thanskgiving Table Centerpiece Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving Day Crafts (Fun Holiday Crafts Kids Can Do!)Make a Thanksgiving turkey

Are you looking for Thanksgiving activities to make with the kids? Then, making a few Thanksgiving table decorating items will certainly be your favorite activity during the next weeks.

How about making a turkey table centerpiece?

It can be really easy to create a Thanksgiving turkey centerpiece with tissue paper including several different colored papers as well as pipe cleaners.

Create a Thanksgiving wreath

Another easy Thanksgiving craft to make with the kids is the Fall themed wreath. To make this craft, all you need is your kids’ handprints on different sheets of colored construction paper; then you’ll cut the outlines and arrange them into a wreath.

Simple Thanksgiving jars

The easiest harvest table decorating items that you’re going to make along with your children are the Thanksgiving jars. For such “crafts”, you’ll need several large transparent jars, mini themed decorating items or flowers that your kids can make out of craft paper. Simply fill the jars with those items and you’re done.

Thanksgiving turkey made out of fruits

Thanksgiving turkey made out of fruits can be a fantastic Thanksgiving table centerpiece idea! Such a craft can be made at home.

Using fruits, your kids are going to create a turkey which will make your table look gorgeous this Thanksgiving! In order to make such a craft, you’ll need a melon to which you’ll connect other fruits which will become the rest of the turkey body.

A Thanksgiving turkey table centerpiece comes also very handy during the family dinner since the dessert is already on the table.

Thanksgiving name cards and napkin holders

A last Thanksgiving table decorating idea that’s terrific is making personalized napkin holders and name cards for the Thanksgiving dinner guests. For example, napkin holders can be easily made out of rafia and fall decorating items cut out from colored construction paper.

Another fantastic idea would be painting symbols on a piece of fabric using fabric paint.

So, now that you’ve got some Thanksgiving table decorating ideas, what are you waiting for starting making all of them?

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