Beautiful Thanksgiving Napkin Rings for Your Table

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These beautiful Thanksgiving napkin rings add warmth and charm to your table

Beautiful thanksgiving napkin rings can make your Thanksgiving table even more charming and delightful. If you own some Thanksgiving napkin rings already, then you’re surely fond of them. And if you don’t have these little dinner table gems, then you will want to get some for your next celebration. Here I’m gonna show you 5 of the loveliest Thanksgiving napkin rings that will make bring your dinner table to the next level.

Handmade Autumn themed napkin rings

Oak Leaf, Acorn, Pine Cone and Pumpkin Pod Napkin Rings for Fall / Autumn / Thanksgiving (Set of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12)Oak Leaf, Acorn, Pine Cone and Pumpkin Pod Napkin Rings


How about these autumn themed adorable napkin rings made by hand? These feature oak leaves, acorns, pine cones and pumpkin pods. Once you see them, you want to get all of them, and once you own them, you can’t stop using them. These beautifully crafted Thanksgiving napkin rings come in sets of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 and make also the perfect gift to make to a loved one.

Hammered gold Thanksgiving napkin rings

DII Napkin Rings for Dinners, Parties, Everyday, for Dinners, Parties, Everyday, Set of 12, Hammered GoldDII Napkin Rings for Dinners, Set of 12, Hammered Gold


Shiny golden Thanksgiving napkin rings, will make your dinner table stand out. These beautiful hammered gold napkin ornaments add a touch of class to your fall decor. These are certainly great conversation starters – and every guest will want to learn where you bought them. These classy rings are available in sets of 12 pieces.

Burlap napkin rings for Thanksgiving table

8pc Set of Burlap Napkin Ring with BlingBurlap Napkin Ring with Bling


These cute burlap napkin rings come with a countryside look associated to a touch of bling. These fit pretty well the Fall season and, more particularly the Thanksgiving dinner table. Though these don’t come with opening/closing fixture and are suitable for fabric napkins.

Pumpkin napkin rings

DII Napkin Rings for Dinners, Parties, Everyday, for Dinners, Parties, Everyday, Set of 6, PumpkinNapkin Rings for Dinners, Set of 6, Pumpkin


Best is yet to come… What would be a Thanksgiving dinner without pumpkins on the table? If you don’t plan on investing in a pumpkin table centerpiece, then these adorable pumpkin napkin rings will do the job. They will also provide your dinner table with a country cottage look that is quite comforting.

Gold turkey napkin rings

Turkey Shaped Gold-colored Napkin Rings - Set of 4Turkey Shaped Gold-colored Napkin Rings – Set of 4


Shining like special guest stars, these gold turkey napkin rings will give your table a very rustic look. They make a great reminder of the way Indians taught the Pilgrims how to feed their families. With these adorable turkey rings you’re sure to remind your guests from the true meaning of Thanksgiving, and give thanks for the bounties you’ve got this year in style.

More Thanksgiving napkin rings to choose from

There are more styles and models of napkin rings to choose from to decorate your holiday table. Some are just classic silver or gold round models; others come in bright colors and include leaves, pine cones, pumpkins, grapevine, etc. You can get good deals on these napkin rings on Amazon.

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