Jim Shore Thanksgiving Collectible Figurines

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Themed Thanksgiving folkart decorations

Ah the beauty of Thanksgiving collectibles that make your table stand out when dining with the whole family… There are many people who like to collect items; which can range from pigs, teapots, ducks, stamps, pepper and salt checkers, an son on…

Bountiful Angel By Jim Shore

But being a collectible amateur can also lead into collecting holiday stuff such as Christmas tree ornaments, angels, painted Easter eggs, party favors and while those objects are trinkets to some, they are precious collectibles to others.

Symbols of Thanksgiving

If you’re like me and believe that sharing traditions throughout the ages are some of the best moments in life, then what you’re about to discover in this page is for you!

Actually, we’re going to talk through Thanksgiving collectible figurines. US Thanksgiving is one of those wonderful traditions: a great time to spend time with family, cook stuffed turkey and enjoy watching parades on tv. Preparing your preferred recipes, saying the same old stories and all of those different things you take joy in every year; and therefore, probabilities are that you enjoy sharing your collecting hobby with friends and family.

Jim Shore – Heartwood Creek – Pilgrims W/ Turkey On Platter by Enesco – 4007980

Another beautiful Jim Shore Thanksgiving collectible figurine that features a woman pilgrim who holds a pie. The base of this exquisite piece of Amercian Folk Art says “Give Thanks”. This 9″ height figurine is a brand new creations and comes in bright colors.

Thanksgiving Collectibles are Entertaining to Gather!

But I digress. Let’s get back to our principal subject; which is those marvelous Jim Shore Thanksgiving collectible figurines – and not just Jim Shore’s fairy creations but many more, as you will see.

If you like to collect figurines, whether as a pass time or for holiday decorating purpose, you will surely agree with me: Thanksgiving is a theme that can be entertaining to put together. And, as a matter of fact, the number of Thanksgiving collectibles available numbers in the hundreds.

Thanksgiving Elements to Collect

What are the figurines that you could include to your Thanksgiving collection? Well, actually you can think about:

  • Pilgrims
  • American Indians
  • Cornucopias
  • Turkeys

Or, you could make a whole collection of Thanksgiving china including table settings and salt and pepper shakers.

Jim Shore masters American Folk Art with perfection and creates one of a kind items that without a doubt will enhance your home on Thanksgiving.

Heartwood Creek Turkey with Pumpkin: Grateful, Joyful, Thankful

For example, this wonderful turkey is the perfect item to place in your Thanksgiving display or to give a loved one on the day you give thanks for the bounties you’ve got althrough the year. This 6.5″ x 5.75″ x 11.75″ cornucopia diaporama is handpainted and subject to unique variations of colors. It is made out of painted stone resin.

Thanksgiving figurine collectibles make fantastic gifts

Rare or one of a kind Thanksgiving collectibles make unique gifts at a gathering. Think about giving collectibles as a Thanksgiving gift if your hosts already have a collection started.

Jim Shore Lady Pumpkin Pilgrim Feast on GoodnessJim Shore Heartwood Creek from Enesco Indian Cats Figurine 7.375 INJim Shore Mayflower with Pilgrims – A New WorldJim Shore – Heartwood Creek – Give Thanks Thanksgiving Pilgram NEW! by Enesco – 117658Jim Shore Country Bounty – Cornucopia Diorama FigurineJim Shore Pilgrim Woman with Harvest Basket 4014445Jim Shore Pick of The Patch Harvest Angel with Basket Thanksgiving Day FigurineJim Shore Harvest Lighted PUMPKIN DIORAMA 4015887Jim Shore Heartwood Creek from Enesco Harvest Angel with Hidden Scene Figurine 7.75 IN

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