Make Pilgrim Girl Paper Plate Mask

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How To Make Pilgrim Paper Plate Masks for GirlsIf you are looking for a great way to accessorize your girls’ Thanksgiving costume then I suggest to make Pilgrim girl paper plate mask. It is a quick and easy Thanksgiving craft that can be used as party attire accessory.  In addition turning a paper plate into a cute mask is a fantastic Thanksgiving craft to make along with the kids this Fall season. So if you are looking for useful and creative Fall crafts to keep your kids occupied, then opt for these cute costume accessories.

Materials to make Pilgrim girl paper plate mask

Make sure you have the materials on hand before you start making paper plate masks

Here are the materials you will need to make a girl pilgrim masks out of a simple paper plate:

Note: If you prefer using white construction paper instead of coloured paper to make these masks, you can do so and paint afterwards.

Optional: yarn to feature pilgrim paper plate masks’ hair.

Help your daughter make her pilgrim paper plate mask

How to cut out your paper plate

How to cut out your paper plate

Making the girl pilgrim paper plate mask is easy as a pie! Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Cut one paper plate in two halves
  2. Cut the edge of one the two halves: it will be used for the bonnet
  3. The second half will be used as collar
  4. Take a paper plate and paint it flesh colour
  5. When paint dried, draw the outlines of your pilgrim girl’s eyes, nose and smiling mouth; then draw the eye lashes, eyebrows and cheeks
  6. Cut out the eyes, the nose and the mouth
  7. Glue the edge of the paper plate on top of the paper plate face to feature the pilgrim bonnet
  8. Glue the half paper plate at the bottom of the face to feature the collar
  9. Punch a hole on both lateral sides of the masks through which you tie a piece of ribbon
how to make pilgrim girl paper plate mask

Making a Pilgrim girl mask out of a paper plate is easy

Note: if you want to add yarn to feature your pilgrim girl’s hair, place yarn before gluing the edge of the paper plate on top of the face.

That’s it! You now have a nice pilgrim paper plate mask.

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