Make Pilgrim Boy Paper Plate Mask

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How To Make Pilgrim Paper Masks for BoysMaking a Pilgrim boy paper plate mask is a great Thanksgiving craft activity for kids. When it comes to seasonal crafts for kids, the possibilities are almost endless. From making pilgrim masks, Indian totems, to turkey table centerpieces and greeting cards, the Thanksgiving crafts list is quite long.

As parent, you surely enjoy spending quality time with your kids creating beautiful Thanksgiving decorations. So here is a tutorial for your little one to make Pilgrim boy paper plate mask.

Materials you need

Make sure you have everything on hand before you start making paper plate masks

Here’s the materials you will need to make boy and girl pilgrim paper plate masks at home:

Note: Your child might prefer to use white construction paper instead of coloured paper to make Thanksgiving Pilgrim boy paper plate mask. He can do so and paint it afterwards.

Optional: yarn to feature the Pilgrim paper plate mask’s hair.


how to make pilgrim boy paper plate mask for thanksgiving

How to make Pilgrim boy paper plate mask for Thanksgiving


Instructions to make this Thanksgiving mask

Once you have the needed materials, you can start making your pilgrim boy paper plate mask. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Cut the hat as well as three small rectangle pieces out of the brown construction paper sheet (those three pieces will be used to create the tie)
  2. Cut a grey rectangle out of the grey construction paper sheet – or cut them out a white sheet of construction paper and paint them grey
  3. Cut an open square out of the yellow construction paper
  4. Glue the grey rectangle on the hat and then the yellow open square on the grey rectangle to feature the buckle
  5. Next, mix coloured paint in order to obtain flesh coloured paint and paint the paper plate entirely (can be obtained by mixing red and yellow paint, add as much white paint as needed until you get the desired colour)
  6. Once the paper plate dried, draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose and smiling mouth of your pilgrim boy mask
  7. Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth
  8. Glue the hat on top of the paper plate face
  9. Stick two small brown rectangles together so that they form an upside down V and glue them at the bottom of the paper plate
  10. Stick the remaining rectangle on the upside down V to feature the tie.
  11. Punch a hole on both lateral sides of the masks through which you tie a piece of ribbon

Note, if you want to add hair, glue yarn on the paper plate mask before you add the hat.

Voila! Your pilgrim boy paper plate mask is ready.

Here is how your Pilgrim boy mask should look

Make Pilgrim Boy Paper Plate Mask

Pilgrim boy mask

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