How To Make Pilgrim Hats for Kids

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A cute Thanksgiving craft for kids

How To MakePilgrim Hats With Construction PaperTeaching your kids how to make Pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving will provide them with a Fall activity that is not just fun but also useful.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays which comes with a wide range of different symbols even though it is not a worldwide or international holiday; which is particularly rare. Indeed, Thanksgiving includes both Fall and historical symbols. This will make you able to decorate the home with as many different themes as you want.

Because of this versatility, you will want to start decorating the home long before the holiday. Removing these Fall ornaments to leave room for the Christmas ones can also be done long after the celebration.

The Thanksgiving craft tutorials below will enable your kids to make Pilgrim hats. As you know Puritans have become one of the main Thanskgiving symbols. Children will enjoy making these hats worn by puritans in the past centuries.

Materials you need to make Puritan hats at home

Som materials are required to make these Pilgrim hats for boys and girls. Please note that you can create boy’s headpieces using other colors than black: brown or Burgundy for example, will work pretty well too. Here’s what you should gather before your kids begin to work:

  • 12″ x 18″ construction paper (white)
  • 2 sheets 12″ x 12″ black construction paper – cut one into 4″ strips
  • 9″ x 12″ grey construction paper
  • 1 roll tape
  • 1 pen
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

As you will see these crafts are easy to make. However ensure that you always stay near the kids so as to lend a hand whenever they need one.

how to make pilgrim hats for boys and girls

How to make Pilgrim hats for girls

Women and girls in the colonies used to wear a bonnet. For such a craft, you will need large construction paper sheets.

how to make a pilgrim girl hat out of construction paper


  1. Take a 12″ by 18″ construction paper sheet
  2. Fold one side of your sheet up about 3″
  3. Punch a hole 8″ above the fold on the longer side
  4. Measure across the paper sheet 6″ and draw a 3″ line toward the fold
  5. Measure over 6″ and draw the same line a second time
  6. Cut the 3″ line and fold the two outer flaps toward the center
  7. Glue or staple the flaps so that the hat keeps its shape
  8. Tie a piece of ribbon through the holes; which is tied under the chin

Matching Pilgrim girl costume: if your daughter has a black dress, you can make a white collar and cuffs out of construction paper and tape them on the dress.

How to make a Puritan hat for your son

how to make a pilgrim boy hat out of construction paper

Here are the instructions to make Pilgrim hats for boys:

  1. In order to make the brim of your hat, cut an oval out of the largest sheet of construction paper.
  2. Tape the 4″ paper around the head of your child
  3. When done, tape the end of the paper so that they look like a tube
  4. Put the tube on the center of the brim you cut before and trace around it – there should be 3″ left all around the brim
  5. Cut the inner circle and try on the head of your kid
  6. If measure is ok, tape the tube onto the brim
  7. Cut a thin band and an open square out of the grey paper sheet
  8. Glue the thin band around the hat
  9. Glue the square over the thin band to feature the buckle
  10. To make the top of the hat, place it on a sheet of black construction paper
  11. Trace around it and cut the form out
  12. Tape it into the hat

Matching pilgrim boy costume: if your son does have a black sweat suit, you can make a white collar with construction paper and tape it on the sweat suit.

Now you have Thanskgiving costume ideas and this tutorial to make Pilgrim hats for boys and girls. Perhaps you should look and find a Thanksgiving play or write one of your own. Your kids will thus be able to learn the meaning of Thanksgiving and create memories that you and them will share with the future generation.


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