Make Acorn Thanskgiving Wreaths

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Acorn Thanskgiving Wreath

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How to make acorn Thanskgiving wreaths

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, you are certainly going to look for entertaining activities to make with the kids. I thus thought that you’d like to create acorn Thanskgiving wreaths. Acorns can be found in the backyard if it is big enough to have trees or you can hunt for acorns in the local park.

With a bit of creativeness and lots of fun, you can create adorable acorn wreaths for this upcoming Thanksgiving celebration.

Acorn Thanksgiving wreaths for indoor and outdoor use

So le’s get started creating our wreath to display as a welcome sign on the home front door or on any door inside the house. While it might look hard to create such an ornament it is in reality really easy. Here are the instructions.

  • Get a basic wreath frame from the store
  • Lace a long piece of raffia all around the wreath
  • Tie or glue silk oak leaves
  • Add some Fall themed coloured ribbons
  • Glue a few groups of berries
  • Then add acorns in groups of two or three

Materials needed for this Fall themed craft

So the question is where to buy the materials to make such a craft? Most craft stores sell wreath frames and all the other items you need. You can even find artificial acorns that can help you save the time of going out looking for them in the nature.

Here is the list of materials you need:

That’s it. Enjoy your new¬†acorn Thanskgiving wreath and remember to let your visitors know that you and the kids made it yourselves!

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