How To Make Acorn People for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Acorn People

Thanksgiving Acorn People
Photo: Conker And Acorn Boys by Petr Kratochvil.

How To Make Thanksgiving Acorn People

Acorns are often used in Thanksgiving crafts. As a matter of fact acorns are produced by oak trees and are one of the main Fall symbols. So, if you have oak trees in your yard, you surely have a huge harvest of acorns even if squirrels preserved a large part of them for the cold winter to come.

Acorn people tutorial

A cute Thanksgiving craft project is to make acorn people using those acorns you found in the backyard or in the local park. These can be created in a wide range of different styles and will greatly help set the Fall tone to the house this Thanksgiving season.

Materials needed to create these cute characters

How to make acorn people

  • Paint the top of the acorn a colour of your choice
  • Paint the bottom of the acorn another colour of your choice
  • When paint is dry use a black marker to draw the eyes, nose and mouth on the top half acorn
  • Draw clothes on half bottom of the acorn
  • Put the finishing touches by gluing pearls, ribbons, bows, or else depending on the character you want your acorn to represent

Tip: if you’re skilled and patient, you can even draw tiny ears, muzzle, tails on a white sheet of construction paper, paint them, cut your forms out and glue them on the acorns to feature animals.

Have fun !

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