How To Make an Acorn Picture Frame

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How to Make a Thanksgiving Acorn Picture Frame

Did you know that you can highlight a family picture for Thanksgiving using an acorn picture frame? A homemade acorn picture frame is also a fantastic Thanksgiving craft to make along with the kids! When holiday season arrives, we would like to entirely decorate the home in the theme of the holiday. However, this can be costly, especially if we want to have everything to match the theme.

A cheap and clever holiday decorating idea is to make homemade Thanskgiving picture frames so that when Thanksgiving arrives, you just have to transfer your pictures from one frame to another.

Steps to make an acorn picture frame

Materials you need

How to proceed

  • Paint the frames using Fall themed colours
  • Alternative: using special glue, brush golden leaves on them this will provide you with more luxurious frames
  • Glue acorns in groups of three around the frame
  • Optional: paint the acorns beforehand
  • Allow glue to dry before placing the pictures into the frames
  • Voila! you have a themed picture frame for Thanksgiving

More acorn craft ideas

Depending on the number of acorns you gathered this Fall season, you can go further and create more acorn crafts for Thanksgiving. For example, if you arrange some branches in a vase, hot glue ribbons to the acorns and hang them on to the branches; this will make you a nice Thanksgiving tree.

Another idea would be to hot glue acorns on a piece of raffia and use it as garland to decorate the window. The range of ideas is wide and you’re just limited by your imagination.

Tip: if you’re skilled and patient, you can even draw tiny ears, muzzle, tails on a white sheet of construction paper, paint them, cut your forms out and glue them on the acorns to feature animals.

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