Mother’s Day Flower Gifts and Meaning

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Play with the Meanings of Flowers on Mother’s Day

mother's day gifts of flowersMother’s Day flower gifts do come with a meaning. Why should you give your mom flowers on this holiday? Mother’s Day is a holiday which, like any other holiday, occurs once a year only. iT is the day when most of us want to make sure to get it right and honor their mother in the best way.

Roses are the traditional gift of flowers given on Mother’s Day but there are many other flowers that can make wonderful presents for a mom. However, you don’t want to buy the first bunch you see at the supermarket and after having made a decision on the amount of money you’re ready to spend for the gift, you’ll choose to get a wonderful bunch of flowers for mom at the florist.

Having a good overview of the different languages that come along with flowers and their colors will help you choose your next present. Here are some ideas for you to find the right Mother’s Day flower gifts and their actual meaning.

Roses are the most popular Mother’s Day flower gifts

Roses are people’s favorite Mother’s Day flower gifts. These presents are extremely popular on most major yearly celebrations since roses are ideal flowers to give on any occasion. But did you know that the different colors of the roses do each come with their specific meaning? Here is a short overview of the type of message you can tell your Mom. Keep them in mind when choosing your next present…

  • Orange: enthusiasm, fascination
  • Peach: modesty (pale peach) ; sincerity (peach)
  • Red/yellow: happiness
  • Red/white: unity
  • Yellow: joy, faithfulness
  • Pink: gentleness and admiration
  • White: purity, innocence, simplicity
  • Red: respect, passion
  • Blue: peace and serenity

Use the color meaning and symbolism of flowers to express your sentiments

White roses are related to feelings. Therefore if you wish your Mom’s flower gifts let your mother know how much you love her, get a classy bouquet of full-bloomed white roses. Is your Mom’s home a peaceful place? Then go for a bunch of blue roses. Blue roses stand for serenity.

Have you just left your parent’s home and want to let your mother know how much you were happy these past years? Then the perfect Mother’s Dayt flower gifts are red/white roses.

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Like everlasting flowers, the love you feel for your Mom never dies

Everlasting flowers never die. So, if you wish your mother to know that your love for her will never fade away, the best Mother’s Day flower gifts are everlasting flowers (also known as strawflowers).

Now, you may wonder how flowers could possibly last forever. Everlasting flowers keep their original form and color even after their death. This is where their symbolism enters into action: even cut, they look the same.

This is the reason why everlasting flowers will help you tell your Mom that you’ll always love her. These presents are perfect for a long distance mother/child relationship.

Orchids are delicate presents for a sensitive Mom

Orchids mainly relate to sensuality and seduction and you might think they’re not the kind of flowers to give a mother.

Orchids are delicate, just like your mom. Forget about taking care of orchids and they’ll die faster than any other flower. And you know that anything bad that happens to you hurts your mother and makes her cry.

Mother’s Day flower gifts like white or purple orchids are the best presents to pay homage to your mother’s tenderness.

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Lillies make marvelous gifts for the occasion

The feelings that tie a mother to her children are most of the time based on harmony, understanding, confidence. See how little kids are lost whenever their mom leaves the room even for a short moment.

White lilies are flowers that symbolize harmony, purity and innocence. White lilies are the type of flowers to give your mom when you wish to tell her how much you care about anything she thinks or says.

Lilies are also a symbol of dignity and pride and would be for sure a great way to tell your mother how proud you are of being her child.

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Daisies and carnations for those who feel pure yet simple sentiments

Just like lilies, daisies (Marguerites) and carnations are also symbols of purity. In addition, they stand for simplicity and faithfulness. A mother is always there, ready to care for her children, to protect them against anything bad that can happen. Daisies and carnations make fantastic Mother’s Day flower gifts. They will tell your mother that you know the sacrifices she has done to bring you up.

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Give your loving Mom a bunch of brightly colored flowers

Obviously, nothing prevents you from using the language of the whole bunch to thank your mother for being what she is for you. Indeed, colors having their own meaning, you can give your mother a splendid yellow arrangement to tell her how happy you are to see her.

A white bunch will talk about the wonderful memories you have of your childhood. You can also mix the colors and offer a red/white bouquet that will say “I love you, mom”.

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Mother’s Day wax flowers, gifts as delicate as porcelain

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You do not have to limit yourself in giving a bunch of flowers. One of the most fantastic flower gifts to offer to your mother might not be a bunch of roses!

Do you know those plants called “wax plants”? These are plants with green leaves white and red flowers. The flowers look like porcelain flowers and are wet. They make wonderful decorations for any room in the home.

The first time I saw those delicate flowers, at my best friend’s home, I thought they were artificial plants made out of porcelain. Actually it was a real plant, and when I put my finger on it, it was wet… The flowers bloom in the Summertime, they are porcelain white with a red center. This is really an unique plant.

Mother’s Day potted plant gifts

Fresh flowers have a reduced lifetime and when you offer a bouquet, it generally doesn’t last more than two or three weeks. If you want your Mother’s Day flower gifts last longer – for years – you might want to choose to give a plant. Of course, your mother will have to have a garden but as you just saw, there’s no need of having one to grew plants.

There are plenty of nice flowering plants that will make your mother happy with each new bloom. Supposing your mother likes plants and particularly bonzais, you might want to give her a Wisteria Bonzai. This way, she would keep your flower gift for years to come.

Another idea would be to get extravagant and on condition that your mother has a garden, give her a white or purple lilac or even a wisteria, they have wonderful scented flowers in the springtime. This will also have your mom think of you each year, when the Spring arrives and the tree’s blooming.

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As you can see, there are many ways to express your feelings when it comes to choosing a gift of flower for Mother’s Day. What’s even more fun is that you can even turn flowers into pieces of jewelry. You can also definitely make your mother happy with a gardener’s book if she’s green fingers.

How about giving your loving mother a nice flower bracelet on Mother’s Day? This will provide her with an everlasting gift that she’ll be proud to wear on any occasion!Is your mother a flower garden enthusiast? Then give her the flower gardener bible along with a flower plant on Mother’s Day. These will be perfect gift for your mom!

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