Gardening Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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Perfect presents for the gardener Dad

Finding original gardening gift ideas for Father’s Day may look and sound hard. However it isn’t at all. Buying gifts for men with a green thumb is actually lots of fun. And if your father has a garden and enjoys gardening, then you are going to be able to give him very original presents. My father has a green thumb and has created a potted garden in his patio. He also often gardens in my own patch… Wherever he goes, you can be sure he’s going to need his gloves and tools so as to turn any abandoned garden into a gem.

So, if your Dad is like mine and loves growing herbs, plants, flowers… keep on reading. You are soon going to find out that standard presents can become very original gardening gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Gardening Tools in a Box

15 Piece Apollo Garden Tool Kit – GreenCheck Price

A first type of gardening gift ideas for Father’s Day consist in boxes filled with gardening tools. Pruning tool, plant twist ties, trowel, weeder, and so on are all gathered in just one handy box. This way your Dad will always have the needed tools on hand when working outdoors.

The Apollo Garden Tool Kit is filled with 15 garden tools that will meet any gardener’s needs. In addition, the set is well organized and the gardener in your life won’t be losing his tools any more. A sure way to make your father happy on Father’s Day or a gardening amateur any other day of the year. Dimensions of the box: 20.8″ x 4.0″ x 13.2″.

Gardening basics set

Garden Essentials Gardener’s Tote (Green Tote)Check Price

While big gardening tools can be one gift, small tools can be part of a gardening gift basket. Several options are possible to assemble. For example, you can fill a gift basket with gardening tools such as pruning tool, trowel, weeder, etc. along with some natural care products that are made from organic farms.

If you don’t have enough time or knowledge to assemble a gardener gift basket, then you can buy a ready-made basket, like the Gardener’s Green Tote shown above; which includes personal care products, six garden tools and a pair of garden gloves.

Metal Garden Markers

Metal Garden Markers – 15 in.Check Price

Let’s see the range of useful gardening gift ideas for Father’s Day. Your Da or the gardener you’re looking a gift for, is surely organized. But there’s always a time in the year, when we need to recall what we planted and where. And more particularly during the planting season.

This is where metal garden markers are interesting. They’re not only handy and useful tools for any gardener but they are also extremely decorative and make any type of garden look more professional.

The Metal Garden Markers pack comes with 25 markers that are 15″ in length and labels have wide space to write what you want. Can be used with paint pens, adhesive labels or permanent markers.

Gardening Book

8 Months of Glorious Color in Your GardenCheck Price

A gardener amateur will always be happy to get a book that relates to gardens and gardening; whether the book focuses on landscape design, plant care, growing vegetables or fruits, etc.

However, a gardening beginner might not be aware of the different types of bulbs, perennials, trees, vines… that they can grow in their garden for more then just the six months that cover both spring and summer seasons!

In this book they will have access to the calendar of plants that will allow you to learn more about the kind of plants they can grow all year long.

A very useful guide for anyone who wants to make their garden stand out from the crowd.

Poetry Stone

Magnetic Poetry Make Your Own Word Stones Kit 6071

Supposing the gardener in your life has everything and is really experienced, it will be hard for you to make make choice on a gift to get him, whether for Father’s Day or any other day of the year.

However, just like any expert, a gardener will really appreciate a personalized gift. Or a gift that he can personalize. Not only this kind of gift can be useful but it also can enhance the beauty of his garden.

What about giving a poetry stone kit to your father or the gardener in your life? With such a gift, he will be able to decorate his garden with customized stepping-stones and signs. A very creative gift for the gardener.

Organic Gardening – Composter

Backyard ComposterCheck Price

Organic gardening is the trend nowadays. Chemicals don’t have the preference as fertilizers any more and many of us are looking into composting to make our vegetables, flowers and other plants and herbs grow in the garden.

This composter will allow your gardener to recycle both kitchen and garden waste for the next gardening season while, at the same time, protect the environment.

The composter has a large lid on top and 2 flip-up higed doors. Its vent design prevents stenches due to the bio-degradation; while lower door slides allow easy access to compost. Comes with a powerful compost activator that will allow faster decomposition and more fertile compost.

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