Scrumptious Easter Cupcake Decorations

Luscious Easter cupcake designs and decorating ideas

How to make cute and mouth-watering mini-cakes for Easter Easter cupcake decorations can turn a sweet treat into edible gifts for your friends or family or lips licking treats for any party you’d host for the holiday. However, you also might find yourself wondering how to present your aked treats … Continue reading

Cute Decorative Easter Trees – And Easter Tree Ornaments

Cute Decorative Easter Trees - And Easter Tree Ornaments

Turn decorative Easter trees into a new family tradition Decorative Easter trees have become a tradition in the US less than two centuries ago. Though, many European countries used to decorate these elements for the holiday for a long time. Decorative Easter trees are old German and Austrian traditions. The … Continue reading

How To Make a Sun Venetian Masquerade Mask

how to make a sun venetian mask

Extravagant Venetian sun masquerade mask If you wish to be the focal point of your next masquerade ball this year, then you should absolutely wear this sun Venetian masquerade mask. This is not one of the many Commedia Dell’Arte masks but it is one that is highly popular in Venice. … Continue reading

How To Make Harlequin Mask

how to make a harlequin eye mask

Making Harlequin mask for Venetian masquerade ball As stated in another post, here is a tutorial for you to make a Harlequin mask at home. Another really popular Commedia Dell’Arte character is Harlequin. So if you are asked to join a Venetian masquerade ball or a Mardi Gras ball, you … Continue reading

Make Colombina Masquerade Masks for Women

how to make a colombina face mask

Are you going to be Colombina this Mardi Gras? Are you eager to learn how to make Colombina masquerade masks for women? Then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to talk throug the process of creating Colombina masquerade masks for women at home. But first, … Continue reading

Make Men’s Masquerade Masks: Pedrolino Masks

how to make a pedrolinio eye mask

How to make masquerade masks for men: Pedrolino As promised in a previous post, you are going to find a tutorial – even two – for you to make Venetian men’s masquerade masks at home. Here I’m about to walk you through the process of creating Commedia Dell’Arte Pedrolino’s masks. … Continue reading

How To Make a Venetian Moretta Mask

how to make a moretta mask for venetian carnavale

Make your own Venetian moretta mask at home The Venetian moretta mask was in reality a Venetian Carnival costume mask for women only. Moretta was a small “full face” black oval mask with two holes for the eyes as well as a special form for the nose (with no hole). … Continue reading

Making Commedia Dell’Arte Masks

how to make a sun venetian mask

Homemade Commedia Dell’Arte masks for Mardi Gras Did you know that you can have lots of fun with the children making Commedia Dell’Arte masks at home? If you are eager for a change in your masquerade clothing habits, here you fill find instructions to make masks to wear at a Venetian Carnavale … Continue reading

5 Top Valentine Gift Baskets for Women

5 Valentine's Day gift baskets for a wife

Valentine gift baskets for women are one of the best way to give the woman in your life a present she will love. It’s so exciting for her getting a container filled with all the products she loves and desires. Valentine gift baskets for women to show how much you … Continue reading

Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

how to make adorable valentine's day cards

Make Valentine greeting cards at home Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are a fun way to send wishes to our loved ones. On February 14th, everyone is going to exchange cards decorated with hearts, doves, flowers, cupids, or other love and romance symbol. Homemade Valentine’s Day cards can be given to … Continue reading