Buying Flowers for Valentine’s Day

buying flowers for valentine's day forever yours bouquet

Flowers for Valentine’s Day are the most popular type of gifts women get for the occasion. Giving flowers on Valentine’s Day comes with two advantages: on one hand, they can be a very special gift when you have time to think about the type of flowers to get your loved … Continue reading

Best Mardi Gras Masks

best mardi gras masks his and hers mask

It is a tradition to wear masks on Mardi Gras. And when it comes to Mardi Gras masks for a Mardi Gras party or a masquerade party, they’re often made by hand out of paper mache or ceramic. They can also be bought from the stores and they can cover … Continue reading

Themed Birthday Cupcake Party Supplies for Girls

birthday cupcake party supplies for little princess

How to plan a birthday cupcake party for your daughter Are you planning a birthday cupcake party for your little princess? Then Lil Cupcake party supplies are those you need to use to set the mood. Planning a themed birthday cupcake party is the easiest way to prepare a fun kids … Continue reading

Jim Shore Thanksgiving Collectible Figurines

Jim Shore Thanksgiving Collectible Figurines

Themed Thanksgiving folkart decorations Ah the beauty of Thanksgiving collectibles that make your table stand out when dining with the whole family… There are many people who like to collect items; which can range from pigs, teapots, ducks, stamps, pepper and salt checkers, an son on… Bountiful Angel By Jim … Continue reading

Origins of Thanksgiving in the US

Origins of Thanksgiving in the US

What is the meaning of  the US American Thanksgiving? Although that long ago feast is considered by most people to the first Thanksgiving celebration, it was, in fact, part of a long standing tradition of celebrating the seasonal harvest and giving thanks for a good bounty of crops that would … Continue reading

Thanksgiving in Canada

Thanksgiving in Canada

Ah, Thanksgiving in Canada doesn’t fall at the same time as the holiday in the United States… Let’s see what makes this holiday so special to Canadians… It is traditional in many countries of the world and since many centuries, after the harvest, to pay homage to the Earth for … Continue reading

Pirate Recipe Ideas for Talk Like a Pirate Day Party

Once the party for kids has ended, you may want to host a Talk Like a Pirate party for adults. Here are a few pirate recipe ideas for you to help you get going. Pirates travelled a lot, from port to port, and, because they didn’t have all the comfort … Continue reading

Planning Fun Pirate Birthday Parties for Kids

How to plan pirate birthday parties for your little ones Pirate birthday parties for kids are a wonderful way to entertain little ones on such special occasions. Kids love pirates and buccaneers and the theme is also a great match for September born kids because of the Talk Like a … Continue reading

International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016

international talk like a pirate day

International Talk Like a Pirate Day International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a holiday that was invented by a couple of American men who go by the names of Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket. This dastardly duo had the idea during a game of racquetball and some years later … Continue reading

Father’s Day Wine Gifts

father's day wine gifts metrokane rabbit wine tool kit

Perfect presents for a wine lover For some strange reasons, finding a gift for a man is always more challenging than finding a present for a woman. So, if you live in one of those countries that are about to celebrate Father’s Day, chances are that you’re thinking of a … Continue reading