Do Saint Patrick Day Hats for Adults Bring Luck?

Saint Patrick Day hats for adults come in a number of different models and styles. From standard to intricate, from funny to naughty, these Saint Patrick Day hats for adults add a little plus to look for the holiday. Moreover, if you don not have any Saint best saint patrick day hats for adultsPatrick costume plans you know that there’s no way to celebrate the day without wearing the famous Leprechaun hat – or any other green themed headpiece.

Here you will find the best Irish Leprechaun hats, Saint Patrick’s Day themed headpieces and even a quick and easy way to make a Leprechaun hat craft.

Best Saint Patrick Day hats for adults

This next 17th of March, we’ll see green hats in most bars all over the world. So if you wish to take part to the fun of the Irish celebration and national day, you’ll want to pick a themed costume or at least one of the best hats featured below.

Irish Leprechaun hats for women and men

Irish Leprechaun hats are the main Saint Patrick’s Day costume accessories. Leprechauns are one of the main Saint Patrick’s Day symbols. Regardless of whether Leprechauns are real or not, eat, drink, sleep, sing or not, you’ll see a huge crowd of Leprechauns in the streets. And you might well just choose to wear such an outfit for the occasion as well.

Irish Leprechauns hats are very specific and recognizable even if you don’t wear the whole costume.  These Irish headpieces are tall and green and come with a buckle as well as a shamrock (the shamrock is supposed to bring good luck). Although Leprechauns are depicted in green and in red, the main tone of the hat should be green.

A good alternative to this type of costume accessories, is the Leprechaun hat and beard set. Whether woman or man, the set makes for a fun fancy attire and will turn you into one of these magical beings without too much trouble. The Leprechaun hat and beard sets can be found in good stores.

St. Patrick's Day Jumbo Stovepipe HatSt. Patrick’s Day Jumbo Stovepipe HatSt. Patrick's Day Leprechaun HatSt. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun HatElope Women's Giant Leprechaun HatElope Women’s Giant Leprechaun HatOne St. Patty's Day Leprechaun Hat With BeardOne St. Patty’s Day Leprechaun Hat With BeardLeprechaun Hat with BeardLeprechaun Hat with BeardSt. Patricks Day Costume Green Leprechaun Top Hat And BeardSt. Patricks Day Costume Green Leprechaun Top Hat And Beard

More Saint Patrick’s Day hats

You can find cute and fun Saint Patrick Day hats for adults to celebrate the Irish National Day. You could pick a hat embellished with shamrocks that would come in the form of boppers; or if you dress as a fairy you may want to get a green crown. Alternatively, a green baseball cap featuring St Patrick’s Day quotes such as “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” can also be great.

There are so many different types of St Patricks Day hats for adults available on the market. The hat you’ll choose only depends on the amount of money you’re ready to spend for. If you plan to just spend the holiday in a pub, drinking with friends and nothing more, you even might choose a green hat made out of plastic or cardboard. For a larger budget, find one made out of fabric.

St. Patrick's Day Irish Kelly Green Fedora HatSt. Patrick’s Day Irish Kelly Green Fedora HatForum Novelties Men's Green Plaid CapForum Novelties Men’s Green Plaid CapWomen's St Patrick's Day Straw Cowboy HatWomen’s St Patrick’s Day Straw Cowboy HatAmscan - St. Patrick's Day Feathered HeadbandAmscan – St. Patrick’s Day Feathered HeadbandSet 6 St Patricks Day Green Shamrock Head Boppers HatsSet 6 St Patricks Day Green Shamrock Head Boppers HatsSt. Patrick's Day Tri Color Sequin Shamrock HatSt. Patrick’s Day Tri Color Sequin Shamrock Hat

How to make a Leprechaun hat

If you’re keen on craft projects, then here are some instructions for you to make a Leprechaun hat. The materials you need for such a Saint Patrick’s Day hat craft are:

  • Large sheets of green construction paper,
  • 1 small sheet of yellow construction paper,
  • 1 small sheet of brown or black construction paper,
  • Scotch tape or staples,
  • Shamrock confetti,
  • Green and gold glitter,
  • Glue.

Directions to make a Leprechaun hat

  1. Fold the large green sheet of constructin paper into a circle so as to form a cylinder.
  2. Secure the circle using scotch tape or staples.
  3. Cut out a rectangle out of the yellow construction paper and cut a square from the inside of the rectangle. This will feature a buckle.
  4. Spread gold glitter on this piece of paper.
  5. Cut a band from the brown or black construction paper.
  6. Glue the band around the base of the green cylinder.
  7. Glue the buckle on the dark band.
  8. Decorate your Leprechaun hat with shamrock confetti.

As you can see, in a very short amount of time you can make a cute Leprechaun hat. Kids will also enjoy making these Saint Patrick’s Day hat crafts.

Here are some more ways to make Saint Patrick’s Day hats at home:


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