How To Make A St Patrick Hair Clip

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A homemade St Patrick hair clip is one of the many St Patrick Day hair accessories moms and their little princess will be proud of. And when it’s a shamrock hair clip, it’s even going to bring them luck. Many people around the world are participating in the St Paddy celebrations and want to get an entire themed costume. This also include the headpieces.

how to make st patrick hair clipsTutorial to make a St Patrick hair clip

To nicely compliment your holiday fancy dress, accessorize it using themed St Patrick Dayhair accessories such as hats or hair pins. A good idea is to make your very own shamrock hair pin. Indeed, you don’t need to break the bank to be fabulous. And I’m going to show you how you can get a very special costume accessory without having to spend a fortune on it.

Although it’s easy and quick to make, it is a lovely St Patrick Day hair clip that every woman and girl will be proud of. It is so simple to put together that if you or your little princess aren’t skilled, you can’t fail. So let’s not wait any longer.

Here’s how you can make this cute yet very easy St Patrick Day hair clip.

Materials you need to make this shamrock hair pin

Directions to make this felt hair pin

shamrock hair pin 2

Take the sheet of green craft felt and cut out 8 rectangles of +/- 1.5″ / 4 cm long and 1.2″ / 3 cm wide. During this fun craft, we’re going to turn these mini rectangles into shamrock leaves. Since you cut out 8 pieces of felt, you’ll have 2 x 4 leave shamrocks.

felt hair clip 3

Once the rectangles cut, place them in a portrait position. With the scissors, provide one of the 1.2″ / 3 cm part of each with a curvy “M-shape”. Next step, prepare the needle and the thread, we’re reaching the sewing part of this cute St Patrick Day craft.

st patrick day hair accessories 5

With the green thread, sew a running stitch on the bottom part of the rectangle (the 1.2″ / 3 cm part of it, opposite to the curvy shape – see picture). This is the way you are going to tie 4 rectangles together to as to form the shamrock.

shamrock hair pin 7Gently pull the thread so as to tighten the space on the green felt and create a dense base for the shamrock to form.

st patrick day hair clip 8

Now, secure the shamrock you just created with a double loop and cut the thread. There should be no space or hole visible on the center of the felt shamrock.

st patrick day hair clip 9

Repeat the same procedure for the second shamrock.

st patrick hair clip 10

Using the hot glue gun, glue one hair clip on one shamrock. Repeat the procedure for the second one.

st patrick hair clip 11

And ta-da! Your adorable St Patrick hair clip is done. Now, go ahead and make some more of these St Patrick Day hair accessories. The beauty of homemade hair pins is that you can decorate them using gold glitter or gold beads and even rhinestones for crafts for an elegant effect.

These lovely shamrock hair clips will fit pretty well with your St Paddy costume at the party. They make cool add-ons for all kinds of occasions as, instead of many holiday themed accessories, these can be worn after St Patrick’s Day as well.

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