Make a Leprechaun Hat Candle Holder – Easy St Patrick Craft

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how to make a leprechaun hat candle holderA Leprechaun hat candle holder makes a cute Saint Patrick Day decorating idea – and a group of Leprechaun hat candle holders is even better. Candles are often part of celebrations and they’re highlighted when placed in candle holders.

Most candle holders are made out of materials such as glass, ceramic or metal and can be costly. But here’s an alternative: let the crafty person that lies in you create your very own candle holders at home.

Easy St Pat craft: make a Leprechaun hat candle holder

This tutorial is going to show you how to make a Leprechaun hat candle holder. Doing so will enable you to save some money on your holiday expenses. The beauty of this easy Saint Patrick Day craft is that you will be able to recycle your empty yogurt cups.

Most households consume yogurt and you may already be stacking masses of such cups. The environmentally aware person that you are will enjoy recycling these plastic cups. So, let’s begin this budget-friendly and eco-friendly Saint Patrick Day craft.

Materials to make a candle holder Leprechaun hat

Directions to make this easy Saint Patrick Day craft

leprechaun hat candle photo 2

1. Cut a 1″ / 2 cm. W. lime green strip – must be long enough to fit around the cup.

leprechaun hat candle photo 3

2. Blue and wrap this lime green strip at the mouth of the plastic cup. Firmly stretch the foam paper strip so as to cover the yogurt cup top. It’s going to be the brim of the Leprechaun hat candle holder.


make a leprechaun hat candle photo 5

3. Cut out another strip from the lime green foam paper. Make sure it’s curvy as it must fit with the height and width of the yogurt cup (different on top and bottom). Glue and wrap the curvy lime green sponge strip around the cup’s body and glue the ends of it to the plastic cup (see picture).

easy saint patrick day crafts - leprechaun hat candle photo 6

4. Now glue the bottom of the yogurt cup to the remaining lime green piece of foam paper.

fun saint patrick day crafts - leprechaun hat candle photo 7

5. Cut the lime green sponge paper around the bottom of the yogurt cup.

leprechaun hat candle photo 8

6. Take the piece of black grograin ribbon and wrap it around the body of the Leprechaun hat. There should be a 0.5″ / 1 cm. space  between the brim of the cup and the black ribbon. Glue the ribbon’s ends so as to stick it to the hat.

leprechaun hat candle photo 10

7. Take the yellow foam paper and cut out a small square. The size of this square should fit the width of the black ribbon. Cut a square hole in the middle of this yellow square so as to make it look like a belt buckle. Glue this square on the black ribbon – as you can see in the picture.

leprechaun hat candle photo 11

8. Glue the bottom of the tea light – apply glue generously – and place the tea light on the on the top part of the Leprechaun hat candle holder.

leprechaun hat candle photo 12

9. Cut out a shamrock from the yellow foam paper and one smaller shamrock from the lime green sponge paper. Glue the yellow first and then the lime green on the yellow one. This will provide the shamrocks with a nice 3-D effect. Glue this setting above the black ribbon, beside the buckle.

leprechaun hat candle photo 13


10. Ta-daa! Your Leprechaun hat candle holder is ready for the celebration. You can now display your cute Leprechaun hat candle holder the table. This cute Leprechaun hat candle holder can be made in different sizes. What now? Go ahead and make some more of such so easy Saint Patrick Day crafts and spread them on the dining table for the big day.

These candle holders make a great addition to your home decor for the St. Paddy’s Day. These crafts are so easy to make that even beginners can create them for the season.

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