Best Saint Patrick Day Decorating Ideas

Coming up with Saint Patrick Day decorating ideas is the first step to take when planning such a fun get together. The green, orange and white embellishments help setting up the Irish mood and add a refreshing and joyful touch to your home decor or the party venue. In this page you’re going to find a large range of Saint Patrick Day decorating ideas to help you get going and ease your shopping task.
saint patrick day decorating ideas

Saint Patrick Day decorating ideas in green, orange and white

Finding unique Saint Patrick Day decorating ideas isn’t always easy. But getting your hands on one of a kind Saint Patrick party supplies isn’t absolutely necessary to turn your party decor into something unique. There is no need to spend a fortune in getting party supplies that will turn your home decor into one of a kind joyful area.

St Patrick’s Day colors are those of the Irish flag: orange, green and white. So you will want to get decorating items in this array of colors. Gold will also work wonders on your party decor – Leprechauns and their pots of gold are the insurance that your decorating efforts are rewarded.

Obviously, you can also choose to have an entirely green decor, or why not opting for something absolutely unusual and go for an orange look? Let’s see what stores offer as Saint Patrick decorating ideas.

Saint Patrick party decorations and props

The best Saint Patrick’s Day decorating ideas that you should take into consideration when preparing such a party are as follow:

  • 1 Saint Patrick yard sign – if you have a yard, it’s going to make your attendees easily find your home,
  • Green, orange and white streamers – they’re the Irish flag colors,
  • Shamrock garlands – because they bring in luck,
  • Leprechaun hats – after all Leprechauns are the holiday’s main symbols,
  • Gold coins – as Leprechauns always care for their wealth,
  • Green, orange and white table centerpiece – it’s Ireland’s National Day,
  • Paper party dinnerware – because you don’t want to be the dish wash slave the very next day.

Saint Patrick Day banners

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Using Saint Patrick Day banners, you can decorate the front of your house. This will provide it with a festive themed look. And also make sure that everybody in the neighborhood knows that you’re of an Irish descent. Caution: these embellishments might also make them want to join the fun.

Saint Patrick decorations

Simple yet atmosphere setters, the swirls, pompoms, lanterns and other garlands add up to the festive look of the party venue. There is a vast range of options to choose from. From swirls including Irish quotes to colorful Leprechauns and pots of gold; from green paper lanterns to fan bursts. You can also get a St Patrick themed background or a lovely shamrock made out of tinsel to decorate the walls.

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Themed arches and standees

Themed arches displayed in the party entrance, welcome your guests and help them step into the fun right away. Standees make excellent photo boots so as to enable you and your guests to keep memories from this super night.

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Saint Patrick Day balloons

Sait Patrick Day balloons make fantastic party decorations. They come in a large range of models and always add that little plus to a party decor. As an example, the shamrock holographic balloons that represents a three leaf clover is made out of mylar and is 33″ big. You’ll need an helium tank to inflate those balloons and have move around the room.

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Saint Patrick Day dinnerware

The best Saint Patrick Day decorating ideas out there are the paper dinnerware sets. You don’t want to do the dish wash on the very next day, don’t you? So when you host a party, I recommend getting a Saint Patrick Day dinnerware set made out of paper. This way, once the guests are gone, the dish wash is forgotten. These sets often come with additional party supplies that you can use in your decor. For the moment, there are two different themes you can choose from: a clear one and a darker model.

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Saint Patrick Day table decorations

Saint Patrick Day party table decorations play a role in the decor. Always make sure to get a tablecover so as to preserve your dining table for accidents – and make sure to set up the buffet mood. Spread some Saint Patrick Day candles so as to cheer up the ambience. In addition to being highly decorative, shamrock shaped trays will also be useful for the chips and other finger food you’ll place on the buffet table.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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