The Prom Checklist for Girls – How To Get Ready for Prom

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Cinderella’s getting ready for prom checklist

The prom checklist for girls is a crucial step in getting ready for the most important school event of the year. We always think that we haven’t forgotten anything yet there’s always a last-minute item missing. Here you’ll find a prom checklist for girls that will help you get set up for the big night.

The ultimate prom checklist for girlsSo, the night of the prom is near and your shopping and task list is certainly long. From your hairdo to be fixed, your ball gown to be tailored, your prom shoes to buy, to your date to be found. Not to mention the rental of the limo, in case that you consider such an expense.

These are all the things needed to endure by the modern-day Cinderella and Prince Charming of our time when they plan this important school event. Without the modern-day fairy by your side, are you all set for prom night? Here’s your Cinderella’s prom checklist for girls to help you get ready.

The prom checklist for girls: choose your evening dress

When browsing prom dresses and gowns make sure to look for the one ball gown for prom that is a reflection of who you are. Choose one of your best aspects and showcase this as your theme in your prom attire.

If your personality shouts out being liberal, then go for such a prom dress design: this is your night, no one can stop you anyway. Prom, as a young adult, is going to be the most memorable event of your life. Therefore, your prom dress must be a part of what you will remember for the rest of your life.

Stores offer a lot of silhouettes for you to choose from. Here are some of the specificities you should pay attention to before ordering your prom dress.

Unique and elegant prom dresses and gownsDifferent prom gowns for different silhouettes

In this site you will find different pages set for different types of prom dress lines.

The prom dress necklines you can choose from

  • Strapless
  • One Shoulder
  • V-neck
  • Sweetheart
  • Halter
  • Jewel
  • Off-the-shoulder
  • Bateau
  • Cowl
  • Scoop, …

your prom ball dress is your image

The wide array of prom dress fabrics include

The many prom gown hemlines available

  • Mini and short outfits,
  • Knee- and tea-length,
  • Asymmetrical and high low designs,
  • Floor-length and brush train.

Add to that the many different embellishments and ornaments that make those prom gowns stand out. The price of your prom attire is also a very important point as it should fit within your parent’s budget. Therefore, you have to know that, although you can get a very expensive designer prom dress from the store, there are ways to find under $100 prom dresses that are as beautiful as high-priced ones.

Prom checklist: floral natural or artificial prom corsage

unique prom corsage ideas

An unique prom corsage is a very important element of your prom outfit. Floral wrist corsage are among the most popular dress accessories on the market. They can be made of fresh flowers or silk (or fabric) flowers, and look beautiful when designed as bracelets or headpieces. Always make sure that the design of your prom dress goes well with a natural flower corsage.

Wrist corsage made out of flowers are the ideal element to be worn. A simple evening dress with a beautiful cut can be totally transformed simply by adding a few fresh flowers that bring out your natural glow and beauty.

A good start for unique prom corsage ideas is to find a tutorial to help you make a wrist corsage for prom. Is your corsage on the list checked yet?

Caution: do not forget to order/make your date’s boutonniere.

Prom checklist – Evening purses and clutches

Elegant evening purses and clutches for prom

Another type of accessories for prom dresses and gowns consist of evening purses and clutches. Evening bags are highly advisable for every prom attendee. Generally, evening purses and clutches for finer gatherings such as prom are very small. Sometimes with a very slim shoulder strap, a metal clasp, and some artsy design on the purse itself.

Remember, it certainly does not need to be a large prom bag; instead, opt for cute wallet or small evening purses and clutches that will be big enough to carry your cell phone, your ID, a bit of money if desired, and a stick of lip balm, gloss, or lipstick. Since you will be dancing the night away in your beautiful dress, you certainly will not need a backpack. Is this point checked yet?

Prom checklist – Find some cute prom shoes

cute shoes for prom

High heels, or flat shoes for prom, what’s the best option?

First off, your outfits need to be associated with cute prom shoes. The style of prom shoes will largely depend on your dress and your own personal sense of style. Some shorter prom dresses and gowns look amazing with high-heeled shoes, while other floor-length gowns hide the shoes all together. In addition, your comfort level should also be reflected in the prom shoes you wear.

If your prom dress is so long that your shoes will not be seen, you may consider wearing flats that will keep your feet comfy and protected all night. These shoes for prom are also less likely to trip you up during a dance. Have you checked this point yet?

If not, click here to find ideas for cute prom shoes.

Prom checklist for girls – Choose your prom hairdo


prom hair ideas - Best hairstyles for prom

Short, middle-length and long hairstyles for prom

Prom hairstyle is also entire part of your prom night plans. Since you are presenting the real personality that lies in you to the public, you’re going to have to wear a comfortable hairstyle for that prom night. However, don’t go to the prom wearing the hairstyle you usually wear at home.

To make things clear: your prom hairstyle must fit the importance of the event that you are attending. So,be formal and stylistic. Click here to check some of the best prom hairdo.

Prom hair accessories

Jewel hair accessories highlight your overall prom look.

Of course, in order to spotlight prom dresses and gowns, girls need hair accessories to make their hair positively beautiful. Hairstyle accessories for prom can range from a bejeweled tiara to a couple of glitzy hair clips to birdcage veil or fascinator.

But be careful: your hairstyle should not compete with your prom dress or gown. Instead, use it to complement your overall appearance. Are these points checked yet?

Should you rent a prom limo for your date

Prom checklist – prom pictures

Take lots of pictures and turn them into memories to share for life

Pictures are capture moments of the past. When you’re older and start reminiscing of your high school days, prom photo scrapbooks can help. Take photos that highlight the event and take pictures of personalities whom you consider worth remembering. Then design and create your own personalized prom memory book. Memorabilia’s of the event must be taken for documentation purposes and keeping.

Prom checklist for girls – additional steps

Apart from the steps covered above, the perfect prom checklist for girls should also include:

  • The jewels you are going to wear (necklace, bracelet, earrings),
  • The makeup that is supposed to match your dressing apparel,
  • The perfume or eau de toilette that is going to last for the night,
  • An appointment to have your nails done (if necessary),
  • Prom tickets,
  • Restaurant reservation (for after the prom).

Above all, have fun.

the ultimate prom checklist for girls


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