8 Must Have Garden Wall Calendars 2017

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Are you looking for themed garden wall calendars 2017? Here we have found dozens of different colorful wall calendar ideas with a garden theme for your home. From countryside to English garden calendars 2017 for your wall. Take a look at the selection below: as a fan of gardens, you’ll surely be fond of more than one of them.

Beautiful garden wall calendars 2017

Garden Wall Calendars 2017With the new year you want to get a new calendar which includes the twelve months of 2017. You love those that you can hung on the wall because they allow you to fill in the slots with important things such as birthdays, your “must not forget” daily activities, specific events, etc.

But you also want these to be beautiful since they’re bound to be hung on the wall. That is why if you happen to be a fan of gardens, themed garden wall calendars 2017 are the ones you’ll opt for.

You will find a wide range of themed garden wall calendars 2017 to choose from in stores. Because of the many options, you’ll be able to select the one that fits with your personal tastes: countryside style, by country, cottage gardens, flower patches, and so on.

Moreover, themed garden wall calendars 2017 enable you to very nicely decorate your small office space. Some themed garden calendars 2017 featured below have time slots for you to add notes each day.

1. Thomas Kinkade wall calendar 2017

Thomas Kinkade Special Collector's Edition 2017 Deluxe Wall CalendarThomas Kinkade Special Collector’s Edition 2017 Deluxe Wall Calendar


The Thomas Kinkade Special Collector’s Edition 2017 Deluxe Wall Calendar, also known as Streams of Living Water comes with the highly popular printed Thomas Kinkade paintings. You’ll find 12 beautiful garden themed images, with changing colors from month to month. In addition you’ll find slots to write your very important things to do, official holidays and major moon revolutions are already printed. The extra that comes with the calendar is a certificate of authenticity. I’m convinced that you will love these heartwarming paintings. Not to mention the print that you can frame.

2. Fairy garden calendars 2017

Fairy Houses 2017 Wall CalendarFairy Houses 2017 Wall Calendar


The big trend these years when it comes to gardens involves all types of fairy gardens. These tiny gardens built into terracotta pots or in the plain ground, consist of a reproduction of magical gardens in which one finds tiny houses and furniture, mini garden tools and accessories, fairies, gnomes and mini animals from the woods. In this Fairy Houses wall calendar 2017 by Sally J. Smith, you will discover 12 amazingly cute fairy houses that will highlight your office area.

3. Country Gardens photo wall calendar 2017

Country Gardens 2017 Wall Calendar 12Country Gardens 2017 Wall Calendar 12


This 12″ x 12″ (12″ x 24″ opened) Country Gardens 2017 Wall Calendar, will satisfy your love for country landscapes. This item includes 12 pictures from photographer Adam Gibbs, which are all delightful for any garden lover. From zen ponds to garden patios, from garden pathways to flower patches, you’ll love each of the photos on your wall.¬† By the way, this really beautiful photo wall calendar might even inspire you for your next country garden design plans.

4. Secret Gardens wall calendar 2017

2017 The Secret Garden Wall Calendar2017 The Secret Garden Wall Calendar


With this definitely outstanding 2017 The Secret Garden Wall Calendar, you’ll be granted a virtual entry in the most isolated gardens from the public. These are kept secret from the crowd but you’ll be able to visit each of them through 12 picture that come together with texts. This is a large wall calendar that measures 12″ x 24″ once opened and comes with a grid big enough for you to write notes.

5. English Gardens calendar for the wall

Garden Calendar - English Gardens Calendar - Calendars 2016 - 2017 Wall Calendars - Flower Calendar - English Gardens 16 Month Wall Calendar by AvonsideEnglish Gardens Calendar  2016 Р2017 Wall Calendars Р16 Month Wall Calendar by Avonside


Another pretty popular among people is this beautiful English Gardens wall calendar 2017. Who doesn’t love English gardens? These are the ones every green finger ever dreams of, including me. The colorful pictures will nicely adorn your walls, whether it be in the office, kitchen or any other place. The product comes with a perfect sized grid so as to enable you to note every one of your activities, birthdays and other things.

6. Gardens of France wall calendar 2017

Gardens of France 2017 Wall CalendarGardens of France 2017 Wall Calendar


This excellent Gardens of France wall calendar makes the perfect fit for art lovers. Here you will discover gardens from many regions of France reproduced by the most famous artists of the past. From the French Riviera to Provence, from the French country to towpath, you will love this trip through France. The beauty of this item is that you can frame all the pictures after the month has ended.

7. Japanese garden wall calendar 2017

Gardens of the Spirit 2017 Wall Calendar: Japanese Garden PhotographyGardens of the Spirit 2017 Wall Calendar: Japanese Garden Photography


Are you looking for some zenitude? Then, here you are: this superb The Gardens of the Spirit wall calendar (photos by John Lander together with Maggie Oster’s texts) comes with 12 different pictures of Japanese garden landscapes. These landscapes will bring a sensation of peacefulness and calm and make wonderful decorations for your office wall.¬† Here again you’ll enjoy framing your favorite art prints afterwards.

8. Cottage Gardens calendars for the wall

Cottage Garden 2017 Wall CalendarCottage Garden 2017 Wall Calendar


This Cottage Gardens calendar is the perfect one for you if you enjoy looking at those English country homes and their lovely gardens. Once again you get a large wall calendar (12 x 24 when opened), with space to add your important notes. All photos are colorful and provide you with warmth even during the winter months.

Shop for more themed garden calendars for 2017

You can shop for a very wide range of different items like the ones featured above on Amazon. From garden pictures to art prints, from garden calendars to gardening almanac.

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