5 Top Homecoming Party Theme Ideas

Homecoming is the first formal dance hosted by the school of the academic year. Having the proper theme will help ensure that all in attendance will be placed in a festive mood whether the school’s football team managed to win on the field or not. The following are five top homecoming party theme ideas.

#1. Northern lights homecoming party ideas

Let’s start this little tour or homecomig party theme ideas with the one of the Northern areas. Northern lights are the beautiful streams of colors that can be seen in the night sky above the Arctic Circle.

With this in mind, it would be relatively easy to transform a dance space into a winter wonderland that will properly reflect the changing colors being projected on the blackout ceiling. As a bonus, the light show can be linked with the beat of the music being played at the time, giving the right ambiance to room for the entire evening.

Keeping the colors of the homecoming party decorations to shimmering white and iridescent will help reflect the display lights as well being able to keep other lighting sources at the lowest possible setting.

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#2. Bourbon Street masquerade

In the wide list of homecoming party theme ideas, one can also find the one of New Orleans… What a beautiful and active town, especially at night.

Masquerades have been a favored theme of formal dances and gatherings for centuries and can be exploited when conceiving a homecoming party theme. Having those in attendance donning the traditional masquerade masks will go a long way towards achieving the desired theme affect.

As for mimicking Bourbon Street, the walls of the room where the homecomign party is held can be covered with sheet paper that has been painted to resemble the shops and cafes that line Bourbon Street.

Artful use of wrought iron street lamps and signs along with the water fountain, while expensive can genuinely add the extra illusion to the space. Finally, tea lights strung from one side of the street to the other can add the proper lighting feel of being on Bourbon Street.

So, is your homecoming party going to be Bourbon Street this year?

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#3. Around the world party theme

Also one of the many homecoming party theme ideas is the international theme. Starting with one section of the space being utilized for the dance, an iconic symbol of a part of the world should be a place.

Then moving in a circular motion more iconic symbols of different parts of the world should be spaced from each other.

To stay in accordance with the homecoming party decor based on “around the world”, these iconic symbols should be placed in such an order that it geographically makes sense that attendees are traveling around the world in the room.

The number of symbols and, which ones to be used, are up to the discretion of the planning committee and the budget that is planned for the homecoming party theme.

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#4. Tahitian fantasy

With the tropical island homecoming party theme,  adding a backdrop that has boat railings with Tropical Island in the sunset, in the distance, for the picture area allows the theme to be captured in keepsakes that many will treasure.

Large tropical flora spread tastefully throughout the homecoming party dance area, along with the scents of coconuts and tanning lotion will go a long way to towards bring the theme to life. Adding railings along the sides of the room, especially if the room already has hardwood flooring will create the feeling of being on a ship’s deck.

If the ceiling can have lights strung that looks like twinkling stars at sea and there can be fan placed to create the ocean breeze, the tropical island homecoming party theme will be complete.

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#5. Secret garden themed homecoming party

The fifth top homecoming party theme idea that would work wonder is the secret garden theme. With this theme you have different options. You can choose to hold a “Zen” or Oriental themed party, a classic garden themed party or even an Antique garden theme. All styles work pretty well but are different in the sorts of decorations and props.

Having the entry way covered in a curtain of vines is an excellent way to start this theme. Foliage is the key to pulling this theme off in a space. Instead, you can get a Japanese arch so as to make the party attendees feel welcome. An Antique theme would need some pedestals, balustrade and statues.

Large blooms placed on the tables, and surrounding fixtures will help pull the theme from the walls and the ceiling into the remaining space of the dance area. With vines and hanging from fake branches that stretch cross the ceiling, the lights that will mimic starlight shining through the canopy can be hidden.

A small pond with koi fish and a water fountain or water fall will also add to the enchantment of the secret garden party theme for your homecoming event.

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