Wearable Authentic Venetian Masks for Costume Parties

Real Venetian masks for fun parties

Gold Masquerade Mask for Men – Made in Italy

Authentic Venetian masks are produced in Venice and in this city only. They contribute in making your masquerade ball costume stunning during this so special Venetian Carnavale occasion.

These costume accessories are elegant although always extravagants – costumes are too. But these add to the fun and the magic of the event.

More about the Venetian Carnival

Venice is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the world’s greatest and most beautiful places, and one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe. One of the reasons for this is the Carnival of Venice, an annual festival starting about two weeks before Ash Wednesday and finishing on Shrove Tuesday.

During the Venetian carnival, people wear authentic venetian masks, heavily decorated with gold, gems and feathers, that are central to the celebrations. Bu why do people still wear authentic Venetian masks to the Venetian carnival in this day and age?

Why did people hide their face behind a mask?

Nicole Kidman ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Masquerade Mask – Made in Italy

Traditionally, masks allowed people to hide their real identity and, most importantly, their social status. It allowed people to act freely, as nobody knew who they were.

While nowadays that need is gone, people still enjoy a bit of mirror and smoke games, and hiding one’s identity adds mystery and excitement to the holiday.

Masks are also featured in many society balls, along with elaborate costumes, creating an atmosphere of extreme luxury and elegance that wouldn’t be out of place in aristocratic palaces of the Golden Age of Venetia.

Tourists wanting to attend this kind of event are often advised to rent the costume, but many will buy authentic Venetian masks as a keepsake and a memory from the trip.

La Maschera piu bella

Another must-see event during the Venetian carnival is the contest for the most beautiful mask, “La Maschera piu bella” in Italian. This contest takes place during the last weekend of the Carnival, and a jury composed of international costume and fashion designers have the often difficult task of choosing which one is the most beautiful mask of the year.

Venetian Carnival Masks? – Venice, Italy POSTERPHOTOGRAPHY CULTURE MASKED FIGURES VENETIAN MASK CARNIVAL 30×40 cms POSTER PRINT BMP11700PHOTOGRAPHY VENETIAN CARNIVAL MASK SHEET MUSIC ORNATE ART 30×40 cms POSTER PRINT BMP10969Venetian Carnival: Waiting for Venetian Dodge, 11 x 14 inch Matted Original Art Photo Print

Masks are chosen based on style, originality, colours and beauty, with two main prices: one for the most beautiful mask of the carnival, and another one for the best nineteenth century style mask. Anybody can enrol, so this is one of the many reasons to get an authentic Venetian mask for the Carnival. However, many people will just drop by the selection events to enjoy the fancy costumes and the stimulating atmosphere.


Pay the Mascareri Veneziani a visit…

Authentic Plague Doctor Mask – Handmade in Italy

If mystery, elegant themed balls and contests aren’t enough to convince you to wear an authentic Venetian mask to the Venetian carnival, consider also the fact that those masks are, on its own, a work of art.

The traditional “mascareri”, or mask-makers, have had their own guild since the early 15th century, and modern mask manufacturers still employ the same attention to detail and design skills that made Venetian masks at the Venetian cardinal famous.

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