Making Commedia Dell’Arte Masks

Homemade Commedia Dell’Arte masks for Mardi Gras

Did you know that you can have lots of fun with the children making Commedia Dell’Arte masks at home? If you are eager for a change in your masquerade clothing habits, here you fill find instructions to make masks to wear at a Venetian Carnavale event or a Mardi Gras party.

Making homemade costume accessories for masquerade parties isn’t just a great way to get a wonderful one-of-a-kind Mardi Gras mask. It is also the greatest manner to keep the kids occupied during the holidays in winter time.

In this page, you are going to find 5 different ways to create such outstanding masquerade costume accessories at home. All are inspired from the well known Commedia Dell’Arte. And in the coming days, you are going to find how to tutorials for you to create 5 of them from home. The tutorials are kids friendly so watch out for those.
Carnival in Venice: Dumpy Book

Beauty and Sophistication of the Carnival of Venice

Be inspired by Venetian Carnavale pictures and create a one-of-a-kind mask at home.

Carnival of Venice is one of the most wonderful Carnival events of the year. You will surely enjoy the discovery of the different accessories produced by artisans in Venice.

You are also going to love the discovery of amazing costumes worn by Venetian during Carnival week and other traditions that come with this exceptional holiday.

Different ways to make Venetian Carnavale masks

There are different shortcuts for you to make Commedia Dell’Arte masks for a Venetian masquerade or Mardi Gras party. Here are five options for you to choose from.

Use paper plates to make these costume accessories

  • Take a paper plate
  • Cut out holes for the eyes, the nose and the mouth
  • Punch two holes on the extremities of your paper plate to attach ribbon
  • Decorate the paper plate the way you wish.

Using construction paper

  • Draw the shape of the mask, the eyes, nose and mouth on a sheet of construction paper
  • Cut out the shape, the eyes, nose and mouth
  • Decorate the mask in the way you want
  • Punch two holes on the extremities and attach a ribbon to each of them

Papier maché is a great alternative

  • Cut newpapers into strips
  • In a pan, mix a quantity of flour in an equal quantity of water; boil
  • When the mixture is smooth, remove from the stove and let cool
  • Take a blown up balloon and cover with oil
  • Dip the newspaper strips into the mixture and put on the balloon (3 or 4 coats)
  • Put the mask aside for 24 hours
  • When the mask has dried, using a cutter, cut out openings for the eyes, nose and mouth
  • Decorate

Making Commedia Dell’Arte masks out of plaster strips

  • Oil your face, hair and eyebrows
  • Dip plaster strips in water and apply 3 coats of them on your face
  • Once plaster strips have dried, carefully remove the mask from your face
  • Fix and secure additional paper decorations (such as ears if you make a rabbit or a cat) with more wet plaster strips
  • Decorate the mask

Decorate a blank one from the store

  • Choose the type of white mask you want: a full face mask or a half-white mask
  • Using paints, beads, feathers, pieces of fabric, decorate the mask the way you want.

How hard is making Venetian masks?

As you can see, making Commedia Dell’Arte masks at home isn’t really hard or not as hard as it may seem at first sight. Obviously, you can go extravagant. Instead of choosing the Commedia Dell’Arte characters to base your Venetian mask decorations, paint intricate designs and use beads or gemstones and peacock feathers that are going to become extraordinary homemade masks.

Whatever the type of Venetian mask you choose to create, remember that you’re supposed to wear long clothes that include a hooded cape. For a normal effect, a velvet cape will work fine. However, if you choose to wear an extravagant Venetian mask, then, a colored hooded cape made out of satin will work wonders.
Harlequin on the Moon: Commedia Dell’Arte and the Visual Arts

Harlequin on the Moon

Enter the Commedia Dell’Arte’s characters magic world that will inspire your own Venetian mask.

La Commedia Dell’Arte is a fantastic and magic world that exists for +/- 450 years. This type of theatre inspired other types of theater, circus and cinema.

In this book you are going to meet its most popular characters. Have you ever wondered how their costumes would look like? Here you are. Do you want to know when it all started, you are going to get an answer.

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