How To Make a Venetian Moretta Mask

Make your own Venetian moretta mask at home

The Venetian moretta mask was in reality a Venetian Carnival costume mask for women only. Moretta was a small “full face” black oval mask with two holes for the eyes as well as a special form for the nose (with no hole).

The Moretta didn’t have hole for the mouth either. A small button at the level of the mouth used to grant complete anonymity to the women who wore it. This button was used to hold the mask in position.

While the Venetian moretta mask isn’t used any more, it still is a very typical Venetian costume accessory. If you wish to wear one for Carnival, its simplicity will allow you to make it yourself. It is not just an original creation, it is also a fantastic Mardi Gras craft to make.


how to make a moretta mask for venetian carnavale

The Moretta is hard to find, therefore a homemade mask is the best option. The color of the nose shouldn’t be different from the rest of the item, here it is grey so as to show you the place it should be.


Tutorial to make this costume accessory

Materials needed:

  • 1 paper plate
  • 1 sheet construction paper (white)
  • Black paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon


  1. Cut out the border of your paper plate
  2. Punch a hole on both side (these will be used to attach ribbons)
  3. Cut out two holes for the eyes
  4. Cut out one half oval shape for the nose
  5. Out of construction paper, cut a larger half oval shape, manipulate it to make the piece of paper the shape of a nose and glue it on the mask
  6. Paint the mask black
  7. Attach a ribbon on each side of the mask

Voila, you yave now an unusual but original Venetian mask.

Naturally, you can make several Moretta masks. Paint them different colors, add a few gold and silver accents, beads and ribbons. You will be able to produce an entire collection of home decorations for Carnival.

More ways to make Moretta masks

Another way to make a moretta is by going the original way. These costume accessories were made out of black velvet fabric. In order to have a strong base, you are going to create the base for the mask in the same way as above. Though, you are going to glue the black velvet on the mask instead of painting it. Punch holes on both sides so as to attach ribbons and you’re done.

Veneto artisans create masks out of papier mache. If you are skilled, you can create the base of your Venetian moretta mask using this means. Remember to plan two holes for the eyes and two on each side of the mask for the ribbons. Once the base has dried, you can glue the black velvet or black satin fabric on it. That’s it.

You can decorate and personalize the mask with a band of black lace glued on its base or all around it.

Here is what a real moretta mask looks like

Moretta/Servetta Muta from Gabriela Stoica on Vimeo.

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