Make Men’s Masquerade Masks: Pedrolino Masks

How to make masquerade masks for men: Pedrolino

As promised in a previous post, you are going to find a tutorial – even two – for you to make Venetian men’s masquerade masks at home. Here I’m about to walk you through the process of creating Commedia Dell’Arte Pedrolino’s masks. The first one is a half face mask to which you are going to add a headpiece if you do not want or find the matching costume. The second one is a full face mask.

Making men’s masquerade masks at home is really easy. As you will see you will not have too many operations to do, which will provide you with time to create many more masquerade accessories.

How to make a Pedrolino mask

Pedrolino is a Commedia Dell’Arte character who is desperately in love with Colombina.

Let’s start with making a mask that features Pedrolino, Colombina’s admirer. However, Colombina doesn’t care about this man. Instead of many other characters of the Commedia Dell’Arte, Pedrolino is not a stupid person. Moreover, he does not wear a mask but a black and white face makeup. Obviously, nowadays, we also make use of these costume accessories to feature Pedrolino/Pierrot.

So, even though you can use this design as a makeup, it will work wonders for Venetian men’s masquerade masks as well.

How to make a half-face Pedrolino Venetian mask

  • Paint the eyes and eyebrows black,
  • Paint a tear drop below an eye,
  • Using white construction paper, cut out the shape of a bonnet and paint a Moon quarter and a star or a big black dot,
  • Fix the bonnet to the mask using glue, scotch tape or staples.
how to make a pedrolino eye mask

Here is the crying version of our Pedrolino character. You can naturally create one that wouldn’t feature the tear so as to get a normal mask.


Make a Pierrot (Pedrolino) costume

The thing when you take part to a Venetian masquerade ball is to get the matching costume for your character. This way you make sure to actually represent the individual. Plus, Pedrolino’s attire is so lovely… However, it is hard to find Commedia Dell’Arte costumes for sale. So the best option is making it yourself at home. Here is what you need to create such a party outfit:

  • Large white pants,
  • Large white blouse,
  • A big white ruffle around the neck,
  • A white or black bonnet,
  • Black shoes,
  • Decorate the blouse with a line of big black buttons or pom-poms.

How to make Pedrolino full face masquerade mask

This full face costume accessory is a great alternative to the crying Venetian mask discussed above. Pedrolino mask comes in different versions. Since this character is not supposed to wear a mask (the actual one wears a black and white makeup), you can choose a specific design. This makes it a very versatile character.

One Pedrolino mask that I particularly like is the one on which one paints a triangle over each eye and another triangle below them. Paint the lips black. Just like for the previous one, you can paint a big black dot on the bonnet instead of a Moon and a star. The costume doesn’t change: Pedrolino wears white clothes (big black buttons can be added to the shirt,though).

how to make a pedrolino face mask

This is the alternative to the crying mask. However you can use the design featured on the half-face one on a full face mask so as to get a crying Pedrolino.

Materials needed to create such men’s masquerade masks

The type of blank customizable accessories you will need for such a carnival craft is a blank make full face mask or a half face one that is also blank. You can use whether black markers or black paints for the decoration. I recommend the use of the materials you are the most comfortable with.

Mask It 71004 Half Mask Embellishment, 5-1/2-InchBlank Male Mask

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