How To Make Harlequin Mask

Making Harlequin mask for Venetian masquerade ball

how to make a harlequin eye maskAs stated in another post, here is a tutorial for you to make a Harlequin mask at home. Another really popular Commedia Dell’Arte character is Harlequin. So if you are asked to join a Venetian masquerade ball or a Mardi Gras ball, you might want to go with this costume and its accessories.

Harlequin is particularly known for his very specific costume dotted with multicolored rhombuses. Each color of this costume represents one side of Harlequin’s personality. Harlequin is one of the most important and funny characters of the Commedia Dell’Arte. However, Harlequin is also a stupid, naive and lazy person.

How to make a mask to feature Harlequin

So as to make your own Harlequin mask at home, you will need a blank half face mask, acrylic paintings, brushes and some patience. Start by drawing lozenges on the blank mask. Then paint each of them a different color. Allow to dry. Using a white, gold or black marker, draw the lines in between each lozenge so as to finish the decor.

A good alternative is to paint the mask black and white only. This works great if you plan on getting a matching costume from the store as the multicolored Harlequin costume is hard to find.  A third idea is to paint the mask black only – or get a black one – and only wear the colored party outfit. For the head, you will want to get a hat topped with a feather or a white half-moon shaped hat.

Venetian costume idea for couples: Harlequin and Colombina

If you are a couple looking for masquerade ball costume ideas, why don’t you opt for Harlequin and Colombina? Both characters provide you with perfect masquerade masks for couples.

Although often black and white, stores sell ready-made Harlequin costumes. Therefore, and, unless you have the patience to create your own Harlequin costume, buying one from the costume stores is the quickest and easiest way to have your costume ready on time for Mardi Gras.

Another option is to ask a specialist to create a bespoke Harlequin costume or find a costume store that sells multicolored Harlequin fancy clothes. This option is very interesting in case you plan to order a Venetian Carnival costume for you and your significant one as Colombina is often represented as Harlequin’s “girlfriend”. In which case she wears a multicolored blouse on a multicolored skirt.

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