How To Make a Sun Venetian Masquerade Mask

Extravagant Venetian sun masquerade mask

If you wish to be the focal point of your next masquerade ball this year, then you should absolutely wear this sun Venetian masquerade mask. This is not one of the many Commedia Dell’Arte masks but it is one that is highly popular in Venice. Indeed, everything is as extravagant as it can during the Venetian Carnavale festitivities.

The sun shaped mask for masquerade ball is a full face mask that is surrounded with additional pieces of papier maché or cloth. They are supposed to produce some kind of aura around the face. Here are instructions for you to make this wonderful masquerade costume accessory. A sun Venetian masquerade mask is extravagant and is going to make you stand our from the party crowd.

Materials to make a sun Venetian masquerade mask at home

  • A full face white Venetian mask
  • Gold paint
  • Paint brush
  • Yellow, Orange and Red silk or tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbons
How To Make a Sun Venetian Masquerade Mask

Three layered sun Venetian masquerade mask to make using tissue paper or fabric.



  • First paint the eyes, eyebrows, lips and cheeks gold
  • Fold the yellow paper sheet in the shape of accordion
  • Unfold the paper so as to form some kind of fan
  • [If you have several paper sheets of the same color, stick their extremities to each other so as to form a corolla of which one of the extremities won’t be closed]
  • Do the same with the orange and red paper sheets
  • Glue the base of the orange paper sheet on the yellow one, and the red on the orange one
  • Once silk or tissue papers have dried, glue their base along the mask (as seen on the picture on the right)
  • Punch two holes on the extremities of the mask to attach ribbons

Optional: you can hide any unwanted areas by gluing some gold ribbons.

Mask It 71001 Full Female Mask, 8-1/2-Inch, WhiteBlank Male Mask

As you can see in the image above, I only added three medium layers around the face mask. But you can add bigger layers if you wish. Just make sure they stay in place and don’t fall from the mask or obliterate your eyesight if they bend during the party.

You can make this beautiful and extravagant sun Venetian masquerade mask in different colors. Whether for the dominant tone of the aura or the makeup, you are not forced to use gold. You could, for example, create a blue themed sun mask and use a darker blue for the makeup. Red, hot pink, pale blue, yellow, no matter the color, do not hesitate: be extravagant.

Sun costume for masquerade ball

The costume that you are goint to wear should be designed after the Venetian Carnavale oufits. For example, you could choose a monochrome Southern Belle dress if you are a woman, or a jumpsuit in a matching color if you are a man. Capes also work wonders with such a design. Always ensure that the outfit colors match the accessory.

Happy Carnavale!

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