Best Venetian Masks for Masquerade Parties

Suitable Venetian Masks for a Carnavale of Venice Masquerade Ball

Venetian masks are the most important accessories of your Carnavale of Venice or Mardi Gras costume. Wearing a Mardi Gras outfit isn’t mandatory during Carnival period. However you may want to observe the actual traditions of the occasion. You may also wish to anything you want without risking to be recognized by your peers. Then you must wear a Venetian mask!

Here you’re going to find the best Venetian masks that you can use for an original themed party. Most of them will also work wonders if you hang them on your walls as holiday party decor! Did I mention that you are also going to learn more about one nowadays forgotten costume accessory?

Are you ready to embark in my Carnavale machine? Grab a cup coffee, sit down and let’s go.

History of Venetian Masks and the Carnival of Venice
Venetian Medico Black & Gold Mask Mardi Masquerade Halloween Costume

Venetian masks are a must have accessory of the Carnival of Venice. This unique and original event officially started back in the second part of the 13th century. In reality, it was celebrated more or less one hundred years before. The Venetian Carnavale festivities began with a big masquerade ball in which the entire population took part. They could also admire entertainments such as acrobats, exotic animals, magic tricks and theatrical performances.

Long story short, Carnival began – and still begins – on January 6th (Epiphany) and lasts for a few weeks to end on Fat Tuesday when people enter the 40 days of Fast period.Because they were allowed by authorities to wear a mask and granted total liberty, people would do anything they wanted!

There were no differences between people: nobles or commoners, rich or poor, middle-class or domestics. Everybody took pleasure from the festivities before observing the celebrations of Lent.

One of the most popular activities of Venetians during Carnival was to poison their enemies… Today, we do not poison our enemies any more. However, we still enjoy Carnival parades, parties and costumes.

Wearing the original Venetian Carnival costume; which is “La Bauta”, is very easy. Get a white bauta mask or any other Venetian full face mask, a collar made out of lace, a black hooded cape as well as a three-corned black hat.

Bauta mask above: (it is actually a Bauta maks and not a medico mask!) This excellent full face Venetian mask comes with an original shape and is nicely decorated with a luxurious black and white background, a gold aged finish and gold painted details. The absence of opening for the mouth will also alter your voice; which is the purpose of such masks.


Larva (or Volto) and Colombina Masks

The original Venetian mask is the larva mask (aka volto), a classic white Venetian mask that used to hide the top half part of the face. Wearing the original Venetian Carnival costume; which is also known as “La Bauta”, is quite easy: all you have to do is get a white Venetian mask or any other Venetian eye mask, a collar made out of lace, a black hooded cape as well as a three-corned black hat. That’s it!

The colombina mask is also a white Venetian mask, of the same type of mask as the Larva; however, it doesn’t cover the nose and can include a hand stick. Although Colombina masks were white, nowadays you can find them with different designs and themes. Colombina masks can agreeably replace a larva as component of a Bauta costume.

Over time, Venetian artists and designers created more extravagant larva and colombina masks; whether with very special and themed designs such as music notes, beads and gemstones, feathers, etc. and, although it is easier to find a colombina mask in our local costume stores, both types of Venetian masks are still produced and used nowadays.

For example, a very simple white Venetian mask can be decorated at home. It is perfect to complete your party attire. You can decorate it yourself using colored markers, some beads or gem stones, ribbons, etc.

Next idea is this awesome colorful glittering Colombina mask. It is handmade and is produced in Venice (Italy). It is a collectible Venetian mask that comes with ticket of authenticity; however, this wonderful mask can be worn at any Carnival party.

Another great idea is this exquisite fan style Venetian mask. This one comes with a fake gemstone insert. It will make you look like the Sun. It also makes a fantastic decoration for the walls the season.

White Venetian Masquerade Mask ~ Mardi Gras Masks (STC12905)Venetian Colombina Deco Rombi Glitter Decorated Masquerade Carnival MaskForum Deluxe Mardi Gras Best Full Face Mask, Green/Gold/Purple, One Size

More Colombina masks to choose from

Gold Macrame Colombina Punta Burano Venetian Masquerade MaskColombina Leaf Venetian Mask (Maroon)Maximus Colombina Mask (Ivory)Black and White Eye Masquerade Mask – Made in ItalyPink Masquerade Ball Mask – Made in ItalyClassic Traditional Gold Venetian Masquerade Mask – Made in ItalyMen’s Blue and Gold Venetian Carnival Mask – Made in ItalyBronze Masquerade Mask for Men – Made in ItalyBlack and White Male Masquerade Mask – Made in Italy

More examples of full face costume accessories

Full face items enable you to entirely hide your face. This provides you with a more mysterious appearance. The effect is guaranteed, whether women or men, those add a touch of charm to your costume.

Mardi Gras Masquerade Full Venetian Female MaskVenetian Mask Full Face Mardi Gras Mask WAND MEDICI IVORY GOLD Halloween MasqueradeWomen’s Beatiful Venetian Masquerade Mask – Full Face/White & GoldZanni Venetian Mask – Male Masquerade Costume, Black w/Black Glittered SwansRedSkyTrader Mens Full Faced Masquerade MaskRedSkyTrader Mens Full Faced Masquerade Mask One Size Fits Most Black

Moretta is a black tiny oval mask made out of velvet


The Moretta was in reality a Venetian Carnival costume mask for women only. Moretta was a small “full face” black oval mask with two holes for the eyes as well as a special form for the nose (with no hole).

The Moretta didn’t have hole for the mouth either. A small button at the level of the mouth used to grant complete anonymity to the women who wore it. This button was used to hold the mask in position.

It is almost impossible to find Moretta masks nowadays.


Plague Doctor Masks from Venice

Long Nose Casanova Mask Cream and GoldAnother typical and really popular Venetian mask, which will provide you with a dark look, is the Plague Doctor.

If you wish to wear a Plague Doctor costume at your next Venetian Carnival party, you’ll need:

  • A long nosed Venetian face accessory,
  • A pair of metal glasses,
  • A long black cape,
  • A large black hat
  • A wand (not a magic wand as this one was conceived to allow the doctor to not touch his patients).

Easy as 1.2.3. costume to make at home for the most spectacular effect!

Are there more type of Venetian masks?

There are many more models of Venetian masks available on the market such as the half face items. They only hide your face to the nose. Some of these models can be really extravagant as they can include large feathers, attached hats and/or collars, etc.

Other Venetian masks include animal figures, more particularly cats; Jester aka Jolly Joker; butterfly shaped, etc. Some designers even created leather or metallic Venetian face accessories. Obviously, we will not forget the extraordinary porcelain or leather masks that you can hang on your walls to decorate the house.

Venetian masks can also be used as Mardi Gras party decorations. They are the best way to make your house match the theme of your party. Also very easy to use: just hang them on the walls and you’re done.


More Jester themed masks

Venetian Gold Jester Full Face Masquerade Carnival Mask for WomenF61022 Floral Venetian Jester MaskSnow Queen Jolly MaskLight Red Men’s Full Face Jester Mask Venetian StyleColombina Jester Bell Paper-Mache Mask (Colors May Vary)Dark Blue Jester Venetian Mask W/bells

Enjoy your masquerade party 🙂

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