Best Mardi Gras Masks

It is a tradition to wear masks on Mardi Gras. And when it comes to Mardi Gras masks for a Mardi Gras party or a masquerade party, they’re often made by hand out of paper mache or ceramic. They can also be bought from the stores and they can cover half-face and full-face as well.

Masks have been used since the ancient times and in religious and festivities as they conceal the identity of the wearer. Wearing Mardi Gras masks can be traced back to the “Twelfth Night” celebrations in the medieval Italy.

Different types of masquerade masks

New! His & Hers Phantom Masquerade Masks – Bestselling Black Half Mask GoldMardi Gras masks are quite different in comparison to masquerade ball masks. Indeed, masks for a Mardi Gras party don’t have to go with the entire costume. They can be made out of different, material such as fabric, leather, paper Mache, metal and ceramic.

Now depending on the type of masquerade party the masks are usually worn, there is a versatile range of Mardi Gras mask types such as:

  1. Ballroom mask
  2. Alana mask
  3. Angelina mask
  4. Butterfly type masks
  5. Domino glitz/Domino matte

As shown in the list above these masks come in many styles and it especially depends on the personality of the person going to the Mardi Gras party. In addition, such masks come in different categories such feather masks are more traditional amongst others.

Some masks can come with a stick for revealing one’s identity quickly or without a stick along with being full faced masks obscuring one’s identity.

Then, there is the Novelty mask that comes in different shapes and featuring different characters, and animal. Headdress masks are also worn in order to be more elaborate.

Typical colors of the Mardi Gras masks are green, gold and purple. As per the tradition both men and women’s identity has to be conceiled during the marsquerade party, making, therefore, both genres able to wear all types of masks. One thing which should be remembered is that either the costume or the mask should have one of the three Mardi Gras colors in it.

Best Mardi Gras masks for women

Venetian Style Lace with Rhinestone Liles Costume Mardi Mask (Blue)Burlesque-Boutique Women’s Swan Metal Filigree Laser Cut MaskMask It 48035 Mardi Gras Satin and Feather Half Mask, PurpleMardi Gras Masquerade Full Venetian Female MaskMasquerade Laser-cut Purple/Silver Venetian MaskMask It 48038 Mardi Gras Satin and Feather Half Mask, Mardi GrasLimited Edition White Dream Laser Cut Venetian Mardi Gras Masquerade MaskJacobson Hat Company Women’s Glitter Cat Mask, Black, AdultOriginal Majestic Feathers Mardi Gras Eye Mask with Stick

As mentioned earlier masks should get along with the person’s personality. However, women might prefer wearing one the following masks: Alana, Angelina, feathered masks, butterfly type and so on. The best type of Mardi Gras masks for women are, naturally, full headdress masks with feathers, jewels, sparkles and glitters.

When it comes to men’s masks, they just will want to make sure that it fits with their personality and, thus, may wear domino matte and domino glitz. The best kind of Mardi Gras masks for men is of course the Jester mask.

If the costume is very extravagant than the Mardi Gras mask doesn’t necessarily needs to be that extravagant and one can simply put the finishing touches using a ballroom mask.

Best masks for men

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