Belly Dancer Costumes and Accessories

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Are you looking for belly dancer costumes to wear on Mardi Gras? It may be hard to find a really beautiful belly dancer outfit these days. However, there is not always need to head to the costume store to find the party attire you wish to own. Here for example, I’m going to show you what it takes to get stunning belly dancer costumes for Mardi Gras. The beauty of this page is that you will not just own a wonderful costume, you will also own a professional one. And this will not cost you more than the price of a fancy costume from the specialized store.

Why choosing belly dancer costumes for Mardi Gras

BellyLady Professional Belly Dance Costume, Tribal Wrap Top And Skirt Set PURPLEBelly dancers have been around for centuries as have their costumes. Belly dancer costumes can make you feel sensuous and appealing and people wear them for all sorts of occasions, not just Mardi Gras costumes.

There are hundreds of variations on belly dancer costumes comprising both traditional and modern designs.

Belly dancer costumes include the skirts, the veils, harem tops, harem pants, hip scarves, coin belts and assorted accessories that guarantee no matter what your vision is of a belly dancer costume you will be able to find what you need to create it.

Belly dancing has its roots in ancient Arabian tribal religions as a dance for a variety of reasons. Arabian belly dancer costumes can resemble either the original, which included a fitted top or bra with a fringe of coins or beads, a fitted hip belt with bead or recording fringe and a skirt or harem pants. The bra and belt are abundantly decorated with beads, sequins, braids and embroidery.

BellyLady Professional Belly Dance Costume, Halter Bra Top, Hip Scarf and Skirt REDThe belt can be a separate piece or sewn into the skirt riding low on the hips and the bra matches the belt, but does not look like lingerie.

The pants are full and flowing and gathered at the ankle and there are many variations. Sometimes pants are worn together with a sheer skirt which may be a combination of multiple layers of one color of sheer fabric chiffon.

Modern-day Egyptian belly dancer costumes vary somewhat, because since the 1950s, Egypt has made it illegal for belly dancers to perform in public with their belly uncovered or to display excessive skin.

These are more commonly a long figure hugging Lycra type one-piece gown with strategically placed cutouts filled in with sheer flesh colored fabric.

Belly dancer accessories include finger cymbals and bells, swords headdresses tambourines fans, snakes, and fan veils.

Have fun in your stunning dancer party attire

BellyLady Belly Dance Professional Dancing Costume, Gold Fringe Bra Skirt SetGet your belly dancer costume and surprise the guests at the Mardi Gras party!

This belly dancer costume comes with a black and gold skirt, a gold and black bra and matching belt. Also included in the belly dance cloth set is the veil.

You can put the finishing touches to your outstanding Mardi Gras costume with pair gold belly dance shoes, gold jewelry and special makeup. The costume is availabe in standard adult one size.

Black and gold provide your costume with a very oriental look that will make everyone believe that you actually took belly dance classes before going on partying!

When it comes to belly dancer costumes for Mardi Gras, all types and colors of costumes are allowed. Ah! Mardi Gras is the opportunity for you to dance the dance of the seven veils!

Apart from their tiny finger cymbals, belly dancers often wear coin decorated cloths that make some noise while they dance.

Belly Dancing Costume Set | Full Circular Skirt-coin Bra & BeltAveryDance Belly Dance Costume Halter Top Bra and Waist Belt Skirt 3 PiecesBellyLady Belly Dance Tribal Chiffon Tiered Maxi Skirt, Valentine’s Gift IdeaAdult Arabian Dancer Costume, Ladies Standard (Up to Dress size 12)Miss Belly Dance Women’s Belly Dancer Costume SetAveryDance Professional Belly Dance 5-pieces Costume SetBellyLady Belly Dance Professional Costume Set, Tribal Floral Bra and BeltBellyDancing Halloween Costume Set | Harem Pants, Top & Hip Scarf | The Belly DancerBellyLady Professional Belly Dance Costume, Halter Bra Top, Hip Scarf and Skirt

Belly Dancer Accessories

Ready to embark in those flavoured Arabian nights and dance all night long?

As you can see from the range of different accessories below, there is the hip scarf that you can match with tops.  Worn on balloon pants it will provide your belly dancer costume with a totally stunning look. The scarf is decorated with several rows of coins; which will jingle everything you’ll move. Did I precise that these scarfs are suitable for most sizes?

Although some bracelets might seem to be made for gypsy costumes, they are also very suitable for belly dancer costumes! They’re made out of metal (silver or gold color) and attache to your forefinger. Bracelets are available in one standard size; which should fit most adults. These make excellent accessories to add to your belly dancer attire and that will provide it a touch of realism.

A good idea would be to associate one or more bracelets with a coin necklace. Though belly dancer jewelry sets are available on the market. Belly dancers wear a lot of noisy pieces of jewelry; which is part of the charm of those ladies.

If you’re part of the current piercing rage, then your belly dancer costume will take advantage of it! However, you might not like and have a piercing in the belly, therefore, I suggest to opt for stickon belly jewelry such as a faux belly ruby. This faux belly jewelry that comes in different colors: sapphire, emerald and ruby is designed for temporary wear.

(Price / Set)BellyLady Belly Dance Jewelry – Coin Necklace & earrings & BraceletsBellyLady Belly Dance Triangle Slave Bracelet With Gold Coins, Gypsy JewelryBellyLady Belly Dance Arm CuffsBellyQueen Belly Dancer 1 Pair of Dangling Sequin BraceletsBellyLady Belly Dance Tribal Gold Metal Headband, Gypsy JewelryGold Asp Adult Armband – One-SizeBellyLady Belly Dance Tribal Metal Headband With Gold Coins, Gypsy Egyptian JewelryBellyLady Belly Dance Three-color Chiffon Veil For Belly Dancers, Blue/Green/PinkDance Fairy Special Opaque Gold Belly Dance Isis Wings Fold DesignBellyLady Wholesale Lots Of 10 Belly Dance Hip Scarves, Gold Coins Lively StyleBellyLady Belly Dance Metal Adjustable Charm Bracelet / Anklet, Price/1 pairBelly Dance Dancing Women Dancer Shoes 1 Pair – GOLD

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