Cute Decorated Easter Cookies and Easter Cookie Bouquets

Decorated Easter cookies and Easter cookie bouquets are a great alternative to the chocolates and candy that the bells or the bunny spread in our yard. Although a religious celebration, Easter is also that time of the year that all kids receive eggs, chocolates and other sweet treats by the dozens.

Give decorated Easter cookies and Easter cookie bouquets to your loved ones

Kids and adults alike enjoy getting tasty treats. Therefore, it’s not seldom that we find ourselves selecting chocolate gifts for Easter. Do you also think it’s challenging to get your hands on the right gift that is supposed to have been brought by the bunny? Then, you’ll love these decorated Easter cookies and Easter cookie bouquet ideas.

Decorated cookies and cookie bouquets are the best presents to give someone you care for on Easter. Here are some of the cutest decorated Easter cookies and cookie bouquets on the market.

Decorated Easter cookies in baskets

Let’s begin with these cute decorated Easter cookies that you can arrange in a basket. These enable you to create personalized Easter cookie gift baskets. For example you can get them in different shapes. From carrot-shaped cookies to flower-shaped treats, the list is quite wide and also includes bunnies, chicks, eggs… All you have to do is arrange them in a recipient (tin box or a straw basket) covered with pastel tissue paper and a lovely big colored bow. There are many places where you can buy Easter cookies and Amazon is one of them.

decorated easter cookies - ½ Dz. Chicks or Bunny Cookies Great for baskets, Easter, Place settings and more½ Dz. Chicks or Bunny Cookies Great for baskets, Easter, Place settings and more½ Dz. Flower Cookies Get Wells, Baby and Bridal Showers, Thank You's and I love You's½ Dz. Flower Cookies Get Wells, Baby and Bridal Showers, Thank You’s and I love You’sHouse Easter Sugar Cut-out Collection (12 Cookies)House Easter Sugar Cut-out Collection (12 Cookies)Sunflower and Leaf Cookies - Gift Box of 12Sunflower and Leaf Cookies – Gift Box of 12


Adorable decorated Easter cookie bouquets

A fantastic other option when it comes to shaped and decorated treats is the Easter cookie bouquet. These are shaped and decorated Easter cookies, which are placed on a pick and are arranged in the form of a bouquet. Flowers don’t last forever, these cookies will surely stay fresh longer and make a unique gift concept.

Decorated Easter egg cookies playing with bunnies and flowers

Easter Cookie Bouquet- 9 Pc BouquetEaster Cookie Bouquet- 9 Pc Bouquet


A perfect example to start with are these adorable decorated Easter egg cookies arranged with flowers, bunnies and a cookie message. All these treats are decorated with spring-y colors and themed for the occasion. This Easter Cookie Bouquet makes a perfect sweet treat for anyone in this period of the year. Also, it makes a great gift to give someone who’s fond of sweets. As a matter of fact, it’s the type of present that will impress your gift recipient.

Decorated butterfly cookies and daisies sweet bouquet

Shari's Berries - Thinking Of You 9 Piece Cookie Bouquet - 9 Count - Gourmet Baked Good GiftsShari’s Berries – Thinking Of You 9 Piece Cookie Bouquet – 9 Count – Gourmet Baked Good Gifts


Your gift recipient will certainly love these turquoise decorated butterfly cookies along with adorable purple daisies. The 4 butterflies are a sign of the spring. The 5 sweet daisies are spread in this bouquet so as to give it an even more seasonal tone. Butterflies and flowers come in turquoise and purple colors with yellow accents. These decorated butterfly cookies and daisies are arranged on a support which includes a purple ribbon and thoughtful message.

Flower decorated Easter cookies in a bouquet

Lovely Flowers Cookie Bouquet- 9 Pc BouquetLovely Flowers Cookie Bouquet- 9 Pc Bouquet


Flowers are also a big hit on Easter time. For instance, this beautifully baked and decorated flower cookie bouquet consists of roses, daisies and tulips. There are 9 flower-shaped cookies arranged on tissue paper in pastel colors. The support is adorned with a big bow. Easter cookie gifts make a delicious alternative to the traditional flower bouquet. Such cookies are freshly made by hand and decorated using icing. These make a great Easter gift basket to give someone you care for. Although there is no bunny or chick in the design, it has a spring theme that fits within the period if the year.

Bees and daisies in a bouquet for a sweet treat

Delight Expressions®Delight Expressions®


Don’t you just love this cute bee and flower themed cookie bouquet? It is a delicious combination of cookie blooms especially designed with spring time in mind. Anyone who loves cookies and sweet treats will enjoy getting this adorable cookie bloom gift. The bouquet includes large 3 bee-shaped and decorated cookies along with 3 large white cookie flowers. You’ll also love the matching support that comes in yellow with black dots and the big yellow and black bow. The cookies are iced very quickly after getting out from the oven. Remember to add a personal message so as to provide your gift recipient with lots of pleasure.

Make your own decorated Easter cookies

Easter Egg Iced Sugar Cookie Kit | Easter Fun for All AgesEaster Egg Iced Sugar Cookie Kit | Easter Fun for All Ages


If you feel creative these days you can always bake your very own cookies at home and decorate them using icing. You could then end up with a collection of treats to delight your gift recipients. Doing so will ensure that your gift is even more personal and thoughtful. You can find Easter cookie decorating kits in all good stores. The set featured here includes everything you need to create tasty decorated Easter egg cookies. It comes with the mix, the icing, food coloring, piping bags and one cookie cutter. Cookie bouquets and baskets are extremely popular any time of the year.


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