5 Easter Gifts for Grownups

godiva chocolatier beaded egg

Godiva chocolatier beaded egg

Finding the right Easter gifts for grownups is more challenging than picking such presents for children. You can keep these gifts for kids as simple as chocolate eggs, candy and toys or coloring books. However, when it comes to adults, you will quickly notice that it doesn’t work the same way.

So if you too are struggling coming up with Easter gift ideas for grownups, then here are the top 5 gift ideas you can go with.

Easter gift baskets

The best Easter gifts for grownups consist in baskets in which you can place a lot of different things. When you choose that kind of gift, you’re sure that there is at least something that your recipient will love.

You can choose to create your own Easter gift basket from a shoe box that you decorate using themed wrapping paper, fill with silk paper and your gifts. Or you can make it using a straw basket you bought from the store and that you decorate with spring-y and Easter elements. The fill it with the gifts: books, tools, some kitchen accessories, sewing materials, planting tools or even beauty products.

The other option is to buy a pre-made Easter gift basket from the store. These are generally themed and you can easily select the one that meets your recipient’s taste.

Gift baskets for gourmets

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Naturally Beautiful Gourmet Food and Snacks Gift SetGreatArrivals Gift Baskets Tempting Easter Cheese Delights Small Gourmet Cheese Gift Basket, 4 Poundcgb_20634_1 Yves Creations Easter Celebration – Blue Egg Surprise – Coffee Gift Baskets – Coffee Gift Basket

 Non food gift basket ideas for adults

Yoga Gift: A Little Yoga & Green Tea Essentials Gift SetJust Let Mom Relax Gift BasketRound White Willow Wash Basket

Easter egg cups

Easter egg cups are also a great way to give a themed gift for the occasion. You can buy a set that come decorated along with matching spoons or get a white porcelain set.

The white porcelain set is a great idea as it will allow you to personalize your gift even more. Using ceramic paint and Easter themed stencils you can create very original presents to give the adults around you.

Another choice would be chick shaped egg cups that you would paint with life-like colors. If you want to be more original, you can present the gifts with a dyed hard boiled egg in each egg cup.

Ceramic egg cups ready to be decorated

RSVP 8 Piece Egg Cup & Spoon SetCeramic Egg Cup / Plate with Spoon RestSet of 4 Pieces 3

Easter egg gifts

Edible and non edible Easter eggs make also great presents to give adults around you. Here again you have different options to choose from.

If you enjoy the task, you can make big chocolate eggs at home and, before sealing the egg, fill it with a bunch of mini Easter eggs or mini-gifts such as tiny objects your gift recipient collects (eggs, chicks, birds, etc.)

A second alternative would be to buy pre-made giant chocolate Easter eggs, chicks or bunnies from the store. Even adults like and enjoy getting chocolate.

The third choice is… getting your gift recipient an exquisite Easter egg made out of porcelain or other materials and that would make a nice decorating item in the living room. If you’re on a larger budget or buy that gift for someone you care for very much you can even select a Fabergé egg.

So, chocolate or decorative egg?

GODIVA Chocolatier Beaded Egg with Wrapped ChocolatesJim Shore Easter Church Egg DioramaSwarovski Crystals Saint Basil’s Cathedral Faberge Style Egg

Spring and Easter gifts for gardeners

Around the holiday, most of us are preparing the garden for the plants and vegetables. If your recipient enjoys gardening, you can think about giving gardening tools or seeds.

Plant or herb pots will also work wonders. I know that as a gardener (amateur only), I’d enjoy creating a new herb area in the garden where I could see basil, rosemary, and other herbs grow. As an alternative, I’d love some strawberry or raspberry plants.

Flowers are also something gardeners love with a passion. A nice arrangement of yellow flower plants that bloom in the spring will fit within the Easter theme.

Herb Garden Gift Basket – Chef’s Edible HerbsPicnic Time 5-Piece Garden Tool Set With Tote And Folding SeatSpring Has Sprung Gift Basket ~ Mother’s Day ~ Flower Seeds & Gardening Tools

Even more gift ideas for the occasion

Cookies, cakes, cupcakes are also great Easter gifts for adults. If you’re good at creating such supports, you’re on the right track to give your loved ones a thoughtful gift for the occasion. From cookie bouquets to nest cupcakes, you are only limited by your imagination.

And if your gift recipient enjoys baking and cooking, you could even give her/him a subscription for such online classes so as to let them get even more skilled. Craftsy.com provides you with very low priced online classes. Thus there is nothing that should keep you away from being able to afford a gift of this quality. Take a test drive with Craftsy free classes.

Make Easter chick and egg cake pops

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