How To Dye Easter Eggs

how to dye easter eggs

How to dye Easter eggs and decorate them

Looking for fun Easter crafts to make with the kids? Then you should begin with a great activity based on how to dye Easter eggs. There are two ways to do so whether by bying a kit from the craft store or doing it yourself at home.

Dying eggs is a way to bring the joyful atmosphere of the spring in your home. Is will also provide your kids with some fun edible Easter crafts that can also be used as decorations.

Here are the instructions for you to learn how to dye Easter eggs.

Materials you need to dye Easter eggs

  • Hard boiled eggs – make sure they’re ready and allowed to cool down before you begin,
  • A tablespoon,
  • White vinegar,
  • Water,
  • Dye tablets or food coloring pots,
  • Make sure to have some containers or bowls that you can fill with colored water,
  • A plastic table cover (to protect your table).

Monochrome egg dying


  1. Fill the containers with water,
  2. Add a tbsp of vinegar per cup water,
  3. Add dye tablet or food coloring – make sure the colored water looks like you want to,
  4. Using a tablespoon, place one egg in the colored water,
  5. Remove the egg from the water after a while – test what the color looks like so as to adapt the time to leave the egg in colored water,
  6. Once the color is the one you look for, remove the egg from the water and allow to dry.

Make sure to use different colors so as to get a wide range of brightly colored Easter eggs.

Marbled eggs for Easter

Are you looking for providing your eggs with a marbled effect? Here is a shortcut for you to try out: using the same materials as for the monochrome steps detailed above, just add a tablespoon of oil per tablespoon vinegar that you put in the water.

Stir the mixture fast and then add the egg to it. Don’t wait too long to remove and put the egg to dry and then you should see a marbled effect on it.

More designs to give a try to

Don’t feel limited with the designs you can create when using homemade dying egg techniques. Another way to adorn eggs with specific designs is by cutting rubber bands in different shapes. Stick them to the eggs and drop the eggs in the dye. Once the eggs have dried, remove the rubber bands. The areas covered with rubber bands won’t have dyed and they will make cute ornaments.

Another good option when it comes to decorating dyed eggs would be drawing ornaments on the egg BEFORE dropping them in the dye. Since the crayon shapes on them won’t fade in the dye, your egg will show more special effects afterwards.

As an alternative, kids can paint the eggs  using sponges or paint brushes. Themed stickers can also be stuck on the dyed eggs, false rhinestones and other glitter will also work wonders.

Advanced Easter dye egg kits

If you don’t feel as creative as you think you should be or doubt kids would be able to manage to decorate the eggs, then you can always get help from ready-made dye egg kits available in craft stores. From simple monochrome pastel dye kits to more advanced glitter and marbled kits you will always find one that will meet your kids’ tastes. And if they enjoy Disney or anime characters, kits that are designed with their favorite toons are available as well. You can even create stunning gold looking dyed eggs to brighten the dining room table.

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