Cute Decorative Easter Trees – And Easter Tree Ornaments

Turn decorative Easter trees into a new family tradition

decorative Easter trees and easter tree ornamentsDecorative Easter trees have become a tradition in the US less than two centuries ago. Though, many European countries used to decorate these elements for the holiday for a long time.

Decorative Easter trees are old German and Austrian traditions. The settings included painted eggs for both indoor and outdoor use. In some other European areas, we decorate one that is placed in the home, just like on Christmas.

While some prefer to use fir trees, others use branches with or without buds, like Forsythia or willow branches. It is a matter of personal taste. You can find in stores numerous different types of birch or curly branches, whether natural or artificial and even some come pre-lit.

Decorative Easter trees allow you to hang any sort Easter tree ornaments: rabbits, chicks, sceneries, crosses, angels and many embellishments with a spring-y appearence.

How to make decorative Easter trees and ornaments

You can make your very own support at home as well as the egg ornaments to hang on it. These make fun and easy crafts to do along with the kids.

How to make decorative Easter trees using natural elements

Making decorative Easter trees is really easy to do in that it just requires a few materials that you certainly have on hand. It is also a fun project to make with the kids as it involves a short walk in the nature.

How to make an Easter tree using branches

This Easter craft requires some branches so, go for a walk in the park or the forest with the kids and find natural budding branches (or bare branches)

  • Choose the height of your future decorative item and cut your Easter tree branches to the length you wish
  • If you want to create a colored one, spray the branches with acrylic pastel paintings otherwise leave them as they are
  • Place the branches in a vase or a container depending on the branches size and weight
  • Decorate your container with a matching theme (use spring-y paintings, stickers and ribbons)
  • Hang Easter egg tree decorations, tiny bunnies, chicks and holiday other symbols on the branches
  • If you wish, add a pastel string light to your new tree
  • That’s it – or add even more ornaments if you wish.

Personally, I gathered natural small branches. I use one of my decorative Easter trees and easter tree ornaments as table centerpiece in the dining room. That one is embellished using tiny crystal eggs, wooden bunnies and chicks. But you can adapt its size to the size of the room. Then you can also choose to get an artificial one (for example, a white Easter tree).

Items that can be turned into Easter tree branches

easter tree branchesDried Curly Willowartificial easter treesDried Curly Willow 3-4 Ft Talldecorative easter treesSmall Birch Branches 2-3 Feet Talleaster ornament treeArtificial Birch Branch Centerpiece16LED Natural Twig Branch16LED Natural Twig Branch4FT 48L LED Birch Tree,+ Twinkling4FT 48L LED Birch Tree,+ Twinkling

How to make decorative Easter egg tree ornaments

Although Easter egg tree ornaments are the favorite decorative items used to decorate the branches, you should diversify the embellishments. For example, in addition to hand blown glass egg ornaments (which I got from a wonderful American friend), I hang miniature trains, rabbits, and chicks. But you can go further and use any type of Easter tree ornament as long as they are related to the occasion.

But we are talking through the making of decorative Easter eggs here. So, here we go: making natural decorative eggs is not as hard as it might look.

Materials to make Easter egg tree ornamentsĀ 

how to make decorative easter egg tree ornaments

Instructions to put your Easter egg tree decorations together

  1. Clean the eggs – with the sewing needle, gently pin the top and bottom of the eggs in order to create two tiny holes,
  2. Breath in one hole to blow the white and yolk out of the the other hole,
  3. Use craft glue to close the tiny holes,
  4. Gently paint the egg shell – remember eggs are extremely fragile (you can add several coats of varnish so as to strengthen the shell), for tiny delicate designs, prefer to use a toothpick instead of a brush,
  5. Allow eggs to dry,
  6. Stick a ribbon on their top with some craft glue.

That’s it! You now have a nice collection of natural decorative Easter egg tree decorations. If you manipulate them carefully, you will be able to reuse them year after year. There are many more ways to decorate such supports. Here is an example video to help you blow the inside of the eggs out of the shell along with a few decorating ideas.

How to decorate Easter eggs

In this video, you are going to learn how to dye eggs with a lace design. It’s easy and fun to make all at once.

In this video, you are shown how to dye eggs using silk fabric that can turn them into real pieces of art.

What if you can’t make your very own Easter egg tree decorations?

If you do not want to your Easter egg tree decorations yourself, then getting nicely crafted ornaments from the store is a good option. I like tiny trees because they allow me to place one of them in each room of the house. This way they bring the holiday spirit everywhere I go. From tiny trees to larger ones, online stores offer a wide range of decorative Easter trees to choose from.


Cute Easter tree ornaments to decorate your tree

When it comes to Easter tree ornaments, there is a wide range of models and themes available in stores. Eggs are supplied in the largest quantities and the largest variety of themes, styles and types. From colored transparent glass egg ornaments to gem decorated natural eggs. From rabbit ornaments or dove hanging decoration, and even Faberge styled ornaments, you are always sure to find the decorative items that meet your needs.

And if you want to provide your tree a fancier look, just add some pastel colored ribbons. Add the finishing touches with a few baskets filled with chocolate eggs and placed around the bottom of the tree.

Decorative Easter egg tree ornaments

easter egg tree decorationsGlittered Easter Ornamentseaster glass ornamentsRAZ Imports – 4 Mercury Glass Ornamentseaster egg tree ornamentsPastel Glass Easter Egg Ornaments Bundle Set of 4faberge egg ornamentsFaberge Inspired Mini White Pearl Egg Polish Glass Easter Ornamenteaster wooden ornamentsSet of 6 Ditsies Egg Ornaments Made out of woodglass egg ornamentsKitras Mini Easter Egg Glass Ornament, Purple/PinkRAZ Imports - Glittering Hydrangea Easter Egg Ornaments 4.5RAZ Imports – Glittering Hydrangea Easter Egg Ornaments 4.5Easter Flowered Eggs Ornaments in Organza Gift Bag (Set of 6)Easter Flowered Eggs Ornaments in Organza Gift Bag (Set of 6)

Easter Bunny ornaments to hang on the tree

vintage easter ornaments - Old World Christmas Cottontail Bunny OrnamentOld World Christmas Cottontail Bunny Ornament6.56.5″H Bunny Ornament, 3 Styles, Set of 12Set 2 Vintage Rabbit with Basket Ornaments (Set of 2)Set 2 Vintage Rabbit with Basket Ornaments (Set of 2)

Chick embellishments for Easter trees

easter bunny ornamentsDecorative Bunny and Chick Lavender Eggs, Pink, Set of 3Radko SPRING DEBUT 971920 Ornament Easter Egg Chick NewRadko SPRING DEBUT 971920 Ornament Easter Egg Chick NewSet 2 Vintage Chick in Egg OrnamentsSet 2 Vintage Chick in Egg Ornaments

Outdoor Easter tree decorations

In addition to hanged jumbo easter eggs yard decorations, chickens, roosters, bunnies, etc. make fantastic decorations for Easter trees. You can even create your own personalized decorating items. For example, crochet or knit some Easter egg ornaments, they’ll definitely provide your branches with a personalized look.

But there’s more… Decorating your yard is quite easy and will make the holiday even more fun: just hang some decorations onto the branches. Then add a few garlands made out of pastel painted macaroni or pop corn, some pastel colored ribbons, some jumbo easter eggs yard decorations (especially designed to be hung onĀ  a real tree), some white lilies, a few bells… In no time, you have a marvelous Easter display in the garden or the front yard.

easter bunny ornaments Swinging Bunny Girl – Wall Art and DecorationsEaster Yard Decorations - Hanging Easter EggsEaster Yard Decorations – Hanging Easter EggsEaster Egg Lantern DecorationsEaster Egg Lantern Decorations

You are not limited in decorating for the holiday as you can even decorate your patio plants with themed ornaments. In reality, when it comes to decorative Easter trees, the sky’s the limit.

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