5 Must Have Easter Table Decorations

Easter is one of the major holidays that has an actual meaning to those that celebrate it. Some may observe the religious aspect of the festival, others just want to profit from the chocolates, bunnies, chicks and other fun things that go along. And we also find people who do enjoy both aspects of the holiday.

Most of the time, the Easter festivities include family gathering and preparation of a meal that isn’t an everyday one. The best way to make the festival’s lunch or dinner very special is to decorate the table.

The general message behind the festival, whether secular or religious, relates to the rebirth/resurrection. All in all we celebrate something/someone that was gone and just got back. So you will want to base the theme on spring-y bright colors. The decor should promise a joyful time to be spent all together. Here are some of my ideas ideas to help you set up a festive Easter table.

A colorful tablecloth makes a table look more festive

The first of these Easter table decorations that you surely have on hand is a tablecloth. Pastel colors are those that work the best on Easter.

Using a colorful tablecloth you can make your table look more joyful than it actually is. For example you can use an egg or flower printed table cloth on which you place a monochrome table runner.

If you do not wish to use a table runner, you can always add place mats beneath the plates. One thing to take into consideration when choosing the table linen it to make it match your dinnerware theme.

Easter tablecloth ideas

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Easter themed placeholders

A second idea is using placeholders as embellishments in your holiday table settings. Easter table decorations can be as simple as themed placeholders that would come in pastel colors and feature a symbol of the holiday. You could even make them yourself at home: they make great crafts for the kids.

Here are some placeholder ideas:

  • Dyed eggs on which you write your guests’ names on,
  • Mini Easter baskets that you can fill with candy or other tiny presents
  • Mini nests filled with tiny presents
  • And so on.

Placeholders add a touch of style to your table and can definitely replace any extra decoration.

How to make mini Easter baskets

Easter Napkin Rings

My third table decorating idea tip is that you should use napkin rings. Napkin rings add style to the table decor. However in my humble opinion, they work better on monochrome napkins than on decorated ones. You can buy pre-made Easter napkin rings from the store but you can also make them yourself at home.

Making napkins at home is a great way to pass the time with the kids. You can make such items out of toilet paper rolls that you decorate using construction paper or even brightly colored wrapping paper. You can paint and draw Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, etc. on them. You can also make napkin rings out of Easter themed ribbon.

Some original napkin rings to look at

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Flowers are beautiful ornaments on your table

The fourth decorating tip for you festive table is very simple. Flowers are natural embellishments and can be used in any circumstance. And spring flowers are among the most beautiful and colorful of the year.

Depending on the theme of your Easter table, you will choose lilies; which are gorgeous flowers and also symbol of the holiday. But if you prefer to emphasize the spring you will choose daffodils or tulips. Tulips more particularly come in a wide array of colors. All you need is a nice vase – that can be transparent or brightly colored. Flowers aren’t just beautiful ornaments, they also make great table centerpieces.

Some spring flowers to consider

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Choosing the right Easter centerpiece

The fifth and last must have Easter table decoration is the centerpiece. Centerpieces come in different styles and types. You can also make them yourself: it just requires a bit of creativeness.

Some Easter table centerpiece ideas:

  • Centerpiece with candles and foliage,
  • A bowl filled with seasonal fruits,
  • A nest filled with eggs and other Easter treats,
  • A brightly decorated Easter tree,
  • An Easter basket filled with chocolates and dyed eggs,
  • A flower centerpiece – you can even mix flowers and eggs,
  • And more.

How to make an exquisite floral table centerpiece

More Easter table centerpiece ideas

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The table decorating items listed above are beautiful and agreeable for your guests’ eyes. But the plus is when you make them yourself: they are perfect crafts to make along with your children. So, tablecloth, napkin rings, flowers, centerpieces or mats, which of these Easter table decorations are you going to chooose?

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