How To Make Papier Mache Easter Eggs

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how to make papier mache easter eggsMaking papier mache Easter eggs is one of the many fun yet easy Easter crafts for kids. For some, Easter eggs are laid by bells. For others they’re laid by bunnies. Generally speaking, Easter eggs are one of the most popular symbols of the spring and this Christian holiday. They symbolize rebirth and fertility.

During the season, hunts for these items are among the most popular and funniest games. Different kinds of eggs are being used, and paper mache eggs are one of them. These papier mache Easter eggs help your imagination wander. It might be a time consuming activity, but it produces perfectly cute results.

Let’s begin making these papier mache Easter eggs!

Materials needed for this easy Easter craft for kids

Instructions to make papier mache Easter eggs

paper mache craft ideas

Pour a large amount of white glue in a bowl. Add 2/3rd of this quantity of water. The ratio white glue/water should be 3 parts/2 parts.

make paper mache eggs

Stir the mixture until homogenized.

make paper mache eggs

Add newspaper strips to the mixture.

paper mache easter eggs

Let the newspaper strips soak in the glue mixture.

paper mache easter eggs

Cover the eggs made out of plastic with these strips. Stick one strip at a time until the egg is fully covered. Repeat 4 times so as to have at least 4 layers of newspaper strips covering the plastic egg.

papier mache easter eggs

Allow the eggs to dry (min. 24 hours). They are going to harden and once the drying process is finished, they should be as hard as rocks.

papier mache easter eggs

Cut the mid-section of each egg using your cutter. Don’t cut them into two parts. The cutting process is meant to ease the plastic egg removal.

papier mache decorations

Remove the plastic eggs from the paper mache eggs. This is also the time for you to get creative and fill the eggs with candy or tiny gifts.

papier mache decorations

Cut long strips of newspaper. These will serve to hide the areas where the eggs were cut. I suggest to mix white glue with water and add a large amount of the mixture on the mid-part of the eggs, then stick the strip and cover it with the mixture once again. Smoothen out the sides of the new strip, so that the sealer strip is not visible. Allow the papier mache Easter eggs to dry for a few hours.

make paper mache easter eggs

Now the funniest part begins: you are going to decorate the eggs. I recommend a double coat of paint on each egg so as to perfect the outcome.

make paper mache easter

Paint different designs on your paper mache eggs; for ideas, you can browse the Internet and find many different cute and easy motives to copy. For more fashionable papier mache decorations, use glitter and rhinestones, they’ll provide a sparkling look to your crafts. A very good alternative is the use of stickers on the eggs.

papier mache easter eggs

And… voilà! You now have a  collection of papier mache Easter eggs on hand.

You can use these colorful papier mache Easter eggs as decorations for the table or on a cabinet in the sitting room. But they will also greatly work as eggs that kids will hunt for on Easter Sunday. These also make a fantastic Easter craft project for kids whose creativeness will be challenged. And you’re not limited with the size of the eggs. The largest, the better… Enjoy!

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