How To Make Paper Bells for Easter

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how to make paper bells for easterDid you know that your little ones can make paper bells for Easter and that they can be used for a certain number of projects? Easter is that time of the year when kids can make crafts out of construction paper, plant pots, hard boiled eggs, and more. They enjoy creating decorative items with their little hands and put their heart and soul into making cute little gifts for their family. And your little ones are going to love to make paper bells for Easter.

Easter bells are a Christian symbol. You may want to learn more about them: here’s a page that details the story of Easter bells.

Homemade paper bells for Easter can be used in different ways: put together so as to form a garland, as greeting cards and even as name place on your Easter table. You can hang or stick them almost everywhere, they will brighten the atmosphere during these cheerful days.

So here’s how to make paper bells for Easter

You may not have the needed materials to have the kids make bells out of clay pots. Or you just might not want them to make to heavily and intricate crafts. Good. There is a great alternative to such a holiday craft for kids: instead they can make paper bells for Easter.

Materials you need to make paper bells:

how to make paper bells for easter template

Instructions to create this Christian Easter paper craft:

  1. Cut out bell shapes out of construction paper.
  2. Draw Easter related forms on them (bunnies, baby chicks, adorned eggs, flowers, nests, etc.)
  3. Color the shapes in the way you like.

Not really hard to do, eh. Now the best part begins.

Different uses for paper bells decorations


make easter paper bell banner

Make an Easter paper bell banner

Make paper bell banners for Easter

You can use these Easter paper bells as decorations for a banner. Choose a holiday saying and draw one letter of the saying on each bell.  Tie them together using invisible thread. Hang your joyful Easter saying on the wall. The longer the saying, the bigger the banner.

Another idea would be to decorate the paper bells with different Easter shapes (that can be done using holiday themed stencils if your kids aren’t too skilled). Then assemble the different bells using invisible tread. Make sure that the bells are adorned using different colors so as to make them look like a rainbow.

Make these Easter paper crafts to be used as place names

Your child can such Easter paper crafts that are going to be used as place names on your holiday table. Cut out small bells out of the construction paper. Decorate in the same way as the bigger ones and write the name of your guests on each one. Place them on the table so as to make sure everybody finds their place around the Easter table.

Easter paper bell greeting cards

These cute holiday bells can also be turned into unique Easter greeting cards. The idea is cutting their shapes out of construction paper. Then draw themed forms on them. Decorate the forms using paints and glitter, tiny fake gemstones, etc. Write an Easter poem on the card and send to your loved ones. Now you are sure they will get a never seen before or elsewhere greeting card.

As an alternative if you host an egg hunt you may use these Easter paper crafts as invitation cards. How about making big paper bells and write the program of the day on them? These would also make your party stand out.

Whatever the use you make out of them, you are always sure to create something unique and highly creative. You can see that there are many ways in which your kids can make paper bells for Easter.

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