Make An Adorable Bunny Door Decor, a Fun Easter Craft

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how to make a bunny door decorThis adorable bunny door decor is going to add a touch of freshness and cuteness to your home this Easter. The Easter bunny or the Easter hare is a symbolic figure of the season.  Both of them are depicted carrying a basket full of eggs, candies or toys.  They’re the Easter gift bearers in the spring in more or less the same way as Santa Claus is during the Christmas season.

Easter bunny ornaments and decors can be found in several houses during the Easter season.  As part of the celebration, we will be making an Easter bunny door decor that is easy to make, yet uses inexpensive materials.

Materials to make this adorable Bunny door decor

Directions to make your Easter Bunny door hanger

bunny door decor 2

Let’s begin by drawing a simple bunny silhouette on a piece of construction paper.  The size of the Easter Bunny door hanger depends on your liking, but for this tutorial, we maximized the whole paper.

bunny door decor 3

Cut out the bunny pattern.

bunny door decor 4

Using the scotch tape, stick the bunny pattern on the smooth back of the corrugated cardboard.

bunny door decor 5

Cut the corrugated cardboard around the pattern. Remove the bunny pattern from the cardboard once you finished cutting it.

bunny door decor 8

Take measures so as to not ruin your table: cover it with the newspaper to avoid unnecessary paint drips. Paint the corrugated part of the cardboard.  The design of this craft would depend on your liking, but the colorful bunny, the better. Allow the Easter Bunny door hanger to dry for an hour.

bunny door decor 11

Are you ready for the next step? Ok, hot glue the googly eyes on the head of the bunny.  Then glue the button just below the eyes.  This will be the bunny’s nose.

bunny door decor 12

Take the three pipe cleaners and cut them into two equal parts.  Glue three pieces of pipe cleaners on each side of the nose: they’re going to be the bunny door decor’s whiskers.

bunny door decor 13

The pompom is going to feature your rabbit’s tail: hot glue it on the middle part of its cardboard tail area.

bunny door decor 15

Cut the red satin ribbon.  It should be at least one foot/30 cm long. Hot glue the ribbon on top of the Easter Bunny door hanger’s ear.  This should be placed on the back part of the bunny door decor.

bunny door decor 17

Your adorable Easter bunny door decor is finally done. It is now ready for hanging in your front door.

This adorable Easter craft can also become a lovely window decoration and even be used as a decorative element for the wall. You can make several Easter bunnies of different size and design and hang them in each room of the house.  This craft tutorial is a perfect family bonding activity that will definitely enhance your child’s creativity.  Hope you like it!

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