How To Make an Easter Egg Hat

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make an easter egg hat with yolk on top

You can use a standard straw hat and put the egg on top of it. Make sure to secured the egg on the hat.

A fun Easter craft to make at home

Are you planning to bring your daughter to an Easter hat contest or parade these days? Then you might want to make sure your little girl wears the cutest hat that really stands out from the crowd. However, what kind of hat are you going to make? Why don’t you make an Easter egg hat? Eggs are symbols of this holiday, they are extremely popular and make cute clothing accessories when turned into hats.

So here is how to make an such a hat at home.

How to make an Easter egg hat

The quickest and easiest way to create such a hat is by making it out of a balloon and paper mache. It’s easy, really.

What you need:

  • Newspaper,
  • Inflatable balloon,
  • Flour,
  • Water,
  • A cheap straw hat,
  • Acrylic paints,
  • Brushes,
  • A plastic table cover.

Instructions – step 1:

  1. Prepare the mixture flour/water
  2. Have the newspaper ready to be stuck on the balloon – make strips out of it to ease the work,
  3. Now make sure you know the size of your daugher’s straw hat so as to inflate the balloon to the accurate size,
  4. Soak the newspaper strips in the mixture and apply on the balloon (let a tiny part free from newspaper for future steps),
  5. To make sure the finished product is strong enough, apply several layers of those strips,
  6. Allow the balloon to dry – it may take several days.

Once the balloon has dried and the paper mache is strong, you can jump to the next tasks.

Instructions to make an Easter egg hat – step 2:

easter egg hat blue

You can also choose to decorate the egg with colorful designs and secure it on the top of the straw hat if you don’t like the idea of an egg yolk.

Now begins the most pleasant part of this Easter craft. Decoration time has come and you can let your imagination go wild!

Deflate the balloon – Do you remember the part you left free on the botton of the balloon? Use it to deflate it. Then:

  1. Cut 1/3 part of the bottom of your balloon,
  2. Paint the paper mache white,
  3. Allow the paint to dry,
  4. Cut a hole on top of the paper mache and fill it with yellow tissue paper so as to make it look like a fried egg with its yolk.
  5. Place the paper mache egg on top of a straw hat and attach it using invisible thread so as to make sure it won’t fall from your child’s head.

If you don’t like the yellow tissue paper idea, you can let the paper mache egg as it comes out after you deflate the balloon. Ask your little one to decorate her Easter egg hat. After all, it’s her hat and its ornaments should meet her tastes.

More Easter hat ideas to make at home

Although the Easter egg is a fun way to make a hat for this holiday, your little girl might not like it. She may even prefer to wear a more conventional hat. So here are a few ideas to help you and her get going.

Easter is also related to the spring, the rebirth of the nature… This means, flowers are blooming. So a first idea would be to decorate a basic straw hat with spring-y items like flowers and other greens. You can put the finishing touches with a big bow made out of silk or satin. This hat would even last for the whole spring and summer seasons.

Another theme might be entirely related to Easter and using tiny eggs, bunnies, chicks and even flowers and false grass you could recreate a related scenery on a basic straw hat.

A type of Easer hat that would work pretty well is a crocheted one. You could crochet the hat using white cotton and crochet flowers, green leaves, a bunny, a chick, even an egg an sew them to the white crocheted hat. Crochet crochet crochet provides you with free crochet patterns and I’ve recently seen some cute hats to make on this site.

An alternative would be to crochet an adorable spring-y headband.

As you can see the ideas to create Easter hats are numerous and your imagination is the only thing that could limit the range of options you can go with.

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