5 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

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There are a lot of activities that you can do with the children so as to entirely get into the cheeful holiday mood. Crafts are one of those activities that are agreeable to make all together. Fun Easter crafts for kids can range from the simplest ones that consist in coloring pages to more complicated ones that consist into making papier mache eggs, for example.

Here I will share my top 5 fun Easter crafts for kids to make that aren’t too hard to make.

A Big Easter Adventure (Peter Cottontail) (Big Coloring Book)Easter coloring pages

The very first activity your little ones can do on Easter are coloring pages. These include bunnies, eggs, lambs, flowers. All your kids need are some sheets of paper downloaded and printed from specialized websites. The indispensable tools are colorful markers, crayons or paints and a bit of imagination.

Decorating Easter eggs

An ever classic Easter craft for kids to enjoy is decorating eggs. This one works all the time and provides both little ones and adults with hours of pleasure. In addition this craft is absolutely easy and even toddlers can do them provided that you guide their hands.

For such a kids craft you will need hard boiled eggs that were allowed to cool down. Then your children can decorate them in different ways:

  • They can dye the eggs (using water colored with food coloring or a special kit)
  • They can paint them (using craft paints)
  • They can adorn the eggs with Easter themed stickers,
  • And much more.

Make bunny ears that they can wear

Egg hunts are a great way to pass the time on Easter Sunday. But it can be even more fun when kids wear hats or… bunny ears. Making bunny ears is thus another good craft for your little ones to make at home.

For such a craft you will need a headband, white sheets of construction paper, one pink sheet of construction paper, glue and your child is ready to start creating her unique headpiece.


    • Cut out big ears out of the white construction paper,
    • Cut out smaller ears out of the pink construction paper,
    • Glue the pink ears on the white ones,

Glue the ears on the headband.

There are other ways to make such a craft, and you can choose to go for a more complicated way to create it.

Make Easter baskets

Baskets are also fun Easter crafts for kids to make. After all, on Easter Day, your little ones will take part to the egg hunt and collect as many chocolate eggs hidden by the bunny.

They will thus need a container to store the collected chocolate eggs. So you could help them make Easter baskets themselves.  For such a craft, here is a first option that consists in getting straw baskets. Then the children can decorate them with:

  • Flowers made out of colorful tissue paper,
  • Plastic eggs,
  • Large floral or Easter themed ribbon,
  • Artificial grass made out of shredded paper,
  • And so on.

The second option is a bit more intricate and consists in making the Easter basket from scratch using construction paper or an ice cream container.

Make two sorts of Easter nests

Here we have two different options for the children to make these crafts. The goal is to make an Easter nest.

1. A first option consists in cutting circles of different sizes. For such a craft you need a round container in which you push the circles. Glue the different circles with each other of the same size. Allow glue to dry and remove the nest from the container. Fill with Easter treats or eggs and chicks.

2. Make edible Easter nests. It really is a simple one. For such a craft you will need chocolate, cereals and silicon cupcake or muffin forms. Melt chocolate and coat cereals with it. Arrange cereals in the forms so as to give them the shape of a nest. Place in the fridge until firm. Remove the edible Easter nest from its container and fill it with Ester treats such as sugar grass, eggs and chicks.

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