Easter Craft Idea: Make Easter Flower Vases

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diy easter flower vasesEasy tutorial to make Easter flower vases

Are you looking for ways to make Easter flower vases so as to decorate the home for the celebration? You have come to the right place. These lovely vases conceived using blottles and jars made out of glass and adorned with cotton thread or yarn can become fantastic Easter table decorations. The part you will love the most about them is that they are easy to make cotton or yarn wrapped ornaments for kids and adults.

Materials to make Easter flower vases

Instructions for easy to make cotton or yarn wrapped ornaments

  1. Apply glue to the container – make sure to glue a 1″ H area at once,
  2. Line the thread or yarn all around the glued space, one row upon another; repeat as many times as needed according to the size of the container,
  3. Do this to up to 1″ before the top of your bottle or mason jar,
  4. Make sure that each line of thread, cotton or yarn tightly touches the previous one,
  5. Alternate colors for a nicer effect,
  6. Once the container is entirely covered with thread, yarn or cotton, allow to dry,
  7. Put the finishing touches using a lovely pastel bow.

You can glue some artificial gems or beads if you wish to enhance the look and feel of these very easy to make yarn wrapped ornaments. Small glass bottles make original one stem vases (vases used for just one flower). As shown in the picture, a tulip looks great in one of these DIY yarn wrapped bottles . Mason jars can hold some more flowers like daffodils. You can display whether artificial silk flowers or natural ones.

Big jars that come along with a lid can also be decorated and filled with cookies or chocolate eggs. These adorable yarn covered jarsĀ  make wonderful homemade Easter gifts for your loved ones.

This type of embellishment can also be done on eggs. You can line hard boiled eggs using yarn or cotton thread without glue (but I don’t recommend it) or blown out eggs to which you apply craft glue. Finish up the decoration with pastel colored ribbon.

As you can see it is really easy to make Easter flower vases and they are so versatile that they’ll quickly and easily can become traditional Easter table decorations.

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