Adorable Collectible Thanksgiving Figurines

Adorable Collectible Thanksgiving Figurines

Ah the beauty of collectible Thanksgiving figurines. These holiday tabletop decorations make your home decor stand out during harvest season. Collectible Thanksgiving figurines make also fantastic collectibles to give a loved one on the occasion or for a birthday or Christmas (which is just round the corner). Collectible Thanksgiving figurines … Continue reading

Beautiful Thanksgiving Napkin Rings for Your Table

Beautiful Thanksgiving Napkin Rings for your table

These beautiful Thanksgiving napkin rings add warmth and charm to your table Beautiful thanksgiving napkin rings can make your Thanksgiving table even more charming and delightful. If you own some Thanksgiving napkin rings already, then you’re surely fond of them. And if you don’t have these little dinner table gems, … Continue reading

How To Make Pilgrim Hats for Kids

How To MakePilgrim Hats With Construction Paper

A cute Thanksgiving craft for kids Teaching your kids how to make Pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving will provide them with a Fall activity that is not just fun but also useful. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays which comes with a wide range of different symbols even though it is … Continue reading

3 Homemade Thanksgiving Outdoor Decorations To Make With The Kids

Beautiful homemade Thanksgiving outdoor decorations

Easy homemade Thanksgiving outdoor decorations for kids and grownups Homemade Thanksgiving outdoor decorations add a little something to your holiday decor because you made them yourself. And they look even better when the kids can lend a hand. Here you will find three homemade Thanksgiving decorations that you can make … Continue reading

Make Pilgrim Boy Paper Plate Mask

How To Make Pilgrim Paper Masks for Boys

Making a Pilgrim boy paper plate mask is a great Thanksgiving craft activity for kids. When it comes to seasonal crafts for kids, the possibilities are almost endless. From making pilgrim masks, Indian totems, to turkey table centerpieces and greeting cards, the Thanksgiving crafts list is quite long. As parent, … Continue reading

Make Pilgrim Girl Paper Plate Mask

How To Make Pilgrim Paper Plate Masks for Girls

If you are looking for a great way to accessorize your girls’ Thanksgiving costume then I suggest to make Pilgrim girl paper plate mask. It is a quick and easy Thanksgiving craft that can be used as party attire accessory.  In addition turning a paper plate into a cute mask … Continue reading

How To Make an Acorn Picture Frame

Acorn characters

How to Make a Thanksgiving Acorn Picture Frame Did you know that you can highlight a family picture for Thanksgiving using an acorn picture frame? A homemade acorn picture frame is also a fantastic Thanksgiving craft to make along with the kids! When holiday season arrives, we would like to … Continue reading

How To Make Acorn People for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Acorn People

How To Make Thanksgiving Acorn People Acorns are often used in Thanksgiving crafts. As a matter of fact acorns are produced by oak trees and are one of the main Fall symbols. So, if you have oak trees in your yard, you surely have a huge harvest of acorns even … Continue reading

Make Acorn Thanskgiving Wreaths

Acorn Thanskgiving Wreath

How to make acorn Thanskgiving wreaths With Thanksgiving coming up soon, you are certainly going to look for entertaining activities to make with the kids. I thus thought that you’d like to create acorn Thanskgiving wreaths. Acorns can be found in the backyard if it is big enough to have … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

Themed autumn table embellishments You surely want your Thanksgiving dinner table the most beautiful ever and, in order to create the most wonderful Thanksgiving table decorating theme, you think it’ll require time and a lot of money. However, creating a cute Thanksgiving table decorating theme that is unique and provides … Continue reading