5 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

easter crafts for kids

There are a lot of activities that you can do with the children so as to entirely get into the cheeful holiday mood. Crafts are one of those activities that are agreeable to make all together. Fun Easter crafts for kids can range from the simplest ones that consist in … Continue reading

5 Must Have Easter Table Decorations

Xia Home Fashions Spring Baby Chicks Table Runner, 15 by 72-Inch

Easter is one of the major holidays that has an actual meaning to those that celebrate it. Some may observe the religious aspect of the festival, others just want to profit from the chocolates, bunnies, chicks and other fun things that go along. And we also find people who do … Continue reading

Personalized Easter Greeting Cards

sending easter greeting cards

It shouldn’t be hard to find Easter greeting cards to send your loved ones. You can find a myriad of such themed greeting cards to mail in good stores. But where it can become more difficult it is when you want to send a personalized card to your recipient. What … Continue reading

How To Make an Easter Egg Hat

make an easter egg hat with yolk on top

A fun Easter craft to make at home Are you planning to bring your daughter to an Easter hat contest or parade these days? Then you might want to make sure your little girl wears the cutest hat that really stands out from the crowd. However, what kind of hat … Continue reading

Free Easter Printable Games

free printable easter word scramble-s

Easter printable games are funny and allow the whole family to spend a good time all together. I also enjoy playing those games and had fun creating three of such educational but fun activities to do with the children. So here are three free Easter printable games that you can … Continue reading

How To Dye Easter Eggs

how to dye easter eggs

Looking for fun Easter crafts to make with the kids? Then you should begin with a great activity based on how to dye Easter eggs. There are two ways to do so whether by bying a kit from the craft store or doing it yourself at home. Dying eggs is … Continue reading

Cute Decorated Easter Cookies and Easter Cookie Bouquets

easter cookie bouquet

Decorated Easter cookies and Easter cookie bouquets are a great alternative to the chocolates and candy that the bells or the bunny spread in our yard. Although a religious celebration, Easter is also that time of the year that all kids receive eggs, chocolates and other sweet treats by the … Continue reading

The 9 Easter Symbols

easter symbols

If you’re a Christian, you certainly observe Easter. However, how much Easter symbols do you know? Where did Easter symbols originate? Apart from the motives related to the celebration of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, do you know why we spread Easter eggs for kids to find, why chicks have … Continue reading