How To Make Papier Mache Easter Eggs

how to make papier mache easter eggs

Making papier mache Easter eggs is one of the many fun yet easy Easter crafts for kids. For some, Easter eggs are laid by bells. For others they’re laid by bunnies. Generally speaking, Easter eggs are one of the most popular symbols of the spring and this Christian holiday. They … Continue reading

Cute Easter Crafts for Kids: Make a Bunny Goodie Bag

how to make a bunny goodie bag

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a bunny goodie bag to hold your child’s Easter candy gifts. During the Easter season, events are being held everywhere to celebrate the glorious holiday. Kids, at the same time, accumulate candies, chocolate, small toys, eggs, etc. They now … Continue reading

Make An Adorable Bunny Door Decor, a Fun Easter Craft

how to make a bunny door decor

This adorable bunny door decor is going to add a touch of freshness and cuteness to your home this Easter. The Easter bunny or the Easter hare is a symbolic figure of the season.  Both of them are depicted carrying a basket full of eggs, candies or toys.  They’re the … Continue reading

Easter Craft Idea: Make Easter Flower Vases

How to make Easter vases - Easter table decorations - easy to make easter centerpieces

Easy tutorial to make Easter flower vases Are you looking for ways to make Easter flower vases so as to decorate the home for the celebration? You have come to the right place. These lovely vases conceived using blottles and jars made out of glass and adorned with cotton thread … Continue reading

Lovely & Elegant Easter Home Decorations

Elegant and Lovely Easter Home Decorations

Ideas to decorate the home for Easter Ah, cute yet outstanding Easter home decorations and collectibles displayed all around the house… Although Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ it is also celebrating the rebirth of Nature. The spring is setting in and is about to get installed for good. … Continue reading

Scrumptious Easter Cupcake Decorations

Luscious Easter cupcake designs and decorating ideas

How to make cute and mouth-watering mini-cakes for Easter Easter cupcake decorations can turn a sweet treat into edible gifts for your friends or family or lips licking treats for any party you’d host for the holiday. However, you also might find yourself wondering how to present your aked treats … Continue reading

Cute Decorative Easter Trees – And Easter Tree Ornaments

Cute Decorative Easter Trees - And Easter Tree Ornaments

Turn decorative Easter trees into a new family tradition Decorative Easter trees have become a tradition in the US less than two centuries ago. Though, many European countries used to decorate these elements for the holiday for a long time. Decorative Easter trees are old German and Austrian traditions. The … Continue reading

How To Make Paper Bells for Easter

how to make paper bells for easter

Did you know that your little ones can make paper bells for Easter and that they can be used for a certain number of projects? Easter is that time of the year when kids can make crafts out of construction paper, plant pots, hard boiled eggs, and more. They enjoy … Continue reading

How To Make Bells for Easter

how to make bells for easter

If you are looking for fun crafts and ideas, you should take an eye on the option to make bells for Easter. These make fantastic Easter crafts decorating ideas for the home as well as keep the little ones occupied. Making Easter bells at home is also a way to … Continue reading

5 Easter Gifts for Grownups

godiva chocolatier beaded egg

Finding the right Easter gifts for grownups is more challenging than picking such presents for children. You can keep these gifts for kids as simple as chocolate eggs, candy and toys or coloring books. However, when it comes to adults, you will quickly notice that it doesn’t work the same … Continue reading